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    NumberOK LPR and Vehicle Classification now Works with Nx

    by | Jun 13, 2022


    NumberOk joins the Integrations Marketplace!


    Network Optix is excited to introduce NumberOk License Plate Recognition and Vehicle Classification as a new Works with Nx Integration

    NumberOk software can recognize a car’s license plate numbers, brand, model, type, color and can be configured to control access to executive units, barriers, automatic gates, etc.

    NumberOk recognizes license plate patterns worldwide (USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania). Following RTSP protocol, NumberOK software works with any IP camera and analog video recorder.

    NumberOK_LPR NumberOK_VehicleClassification NumberOK_CreateEvent NumberOK_LPR2 NumberOK_NxWitness NumberOK_NxWitness2 NumberOK_NxWitness3 

    About NumberOk License Plate Recognition and Vehicle Classification

    NumberOk is an advanced server-based software for worldwide license plate recognition and vehicle classification developed for high accuracy and speedy processing. NumberOk software has been used in a variety of business solutions including Traffic and Parking Violations, Checkpoint Surveillance, and Residential Compound Access Control. Read about NumberOk’s Use Cases to learn more. 

    Features include:

    • High accuracy rate of more than 95% at speed up to 240 km/h (150 mph)
    • Recognition of 6 vehicle types (car, SUV, van, LCV, truck, bus)
    • Recognition of 96 vehicle brands
    • Recognition of more than 800 vehicle models
    • Recognition of 11 vehicle colors
    • Recognition of vehicle movement direction (up / down)
    • Fixation of up to 4 lanes simultaneously with 1 camera
    • Vendor agnostic; can work with any IP camera supporting RTSP protocol
    • Easy deployment; no dongles for a license, and demo with electronic key
    • Unique features such as inbuilt business logic for access control, parking management, traffic rule control
    • Installation on a virtual machine enabled
    • Integration to the 3rd party software by TCP, IP, or HTTP protocols
    • Multiple channels from 1 up to 36 channels per one server
    • Seamless integration with Nx Witness VMS
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