Build VSaaS Solutions. Fast.

Building enterprise, cross-platform, user-friendly, metadata-enabled intelligent VSaaS products is difficult.

Network Optix makes it easier.


Platform. Ecosystem. VMS.

Network Optix is focused on one thing: helping you rapidly build intelligent video services and solutions for your customers with our full-stack video platform and ecosystem.



Nx Meta VPaaS

Nx Meta is a cross-platform enterprise video platform with everything you need to build a custom branded world-class Video Software as Service (VSaaS) product.

  • Full-Stack Intelligent Platform
  • Comprehensive Developer Toolkit
  • Supports All Leading OS and Hardware Platforms
  • Continually evolves to track technology trends
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Works with Nx

All Powered by Nx products are built with Nx Meta and share a common developer toolkit. The result? The Works with Nx Integrations Ecosystem and online marketplace.

  • Integrate once for all Powered by Nx products
  • Promote your product to thousands of companies
  • Find integrations in the Works with Nx Marketplace

Nx Witness VMS

The simplest, most reliable, easiest-to-use, enterprise video management software on the planet. Install in minutes. Integrate with anything.

  • Connect anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Manage IP cameras from 793+ manufacturers
  • 1-10,000 cameras with no engineering support
  • No prerequisite software or database required
  • Detect objects and gather business intelligence 
  • Search 1 year of video in less than 1 sec
  • Replaces antiquated systems in minutes

Our Partners

Network Optix works with the biggest names in the video business.


Quanergy LiDAR solutions provide actionable insights to organizations across major industries and enable partners and their end-users to deploy innovative solutions

Works with Nx
Scylla A.I.

Scylla Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Protection System smart identification functionality identifies and eliminates the number of false alarms by up to 99.95%.

Works with Nx
Visionlabs Face Recognition

Live video stream recognition and face metadata archival search works out of the box with features like "follow person of interest" and attribute overlays.

Works with Nx

News from Nx

Announcements. Events. Webinars. Whitepapers. And More. Follow our blog to keep up to date on the latest Network Optix news.

Quanergy 3D Object Detection now Works with Nx

  Quanergy 3D Object Detection now Works with Nx!   Network Optix is excited to introduce Quanergy LiDAR as a new Works with Nx Integration!     ...

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Nx Desktop is now Open Source.

Nx Meta Desktop Open Source. Free. Fast. Futuristic. Video Management. The Nx Meta Desktop application is a unified Desktop client for connecting to,...

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Cyber Security Enhancements in v5

    v5 of Nx Meta VPaaS and Nx Witness VMS introduced a ton of new usability features, like Resource Grouping, Audio Mapping, Desktop Client Auto...

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Metadata Driven Archive Backup in v5

New in v5 of Nx Meta VPaaS and Nx Witness VMS , Metadata Driven Backup provides a granular method of controlling what video gets backed up by giving...

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Advanced Object Search - New in v5

New in v5 of Nx Meta VPaaS and Nx Witness VMS , Advanced Object Search provides a standardized, fast, easy-to-use method of searching video for...

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Nx Witness VMS v5.0 – Available Now

Nx Witness VMS v5.0 - Available Today! v5.0, the newest release for Powered by Nx product users, is available for download today! v5.0 is a...

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Suprema Access Control now Works with Nx

  Suprema now Works with Nx!   Network Optix is excited to introduce Suprema Access Control as a new Works with Nx Integration!      Suprema BioStar...

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v5.0 Beta – Available Now

v5 Beta - Available Today! Beta v5.0, the newest beta release for Powered by Nx product users, is available for download today! v5.0 is a...

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v4.2 Cloud Features Enhance Powered by Nx VSaaS Capabilities

Nx continues to build VSaaS capabilities with the v4.2 release of Nx Meta and Nx Witness VMS. v4.2 – the latest available release for all Powered by...

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Redesigned PTZ Controls in Nx Witness v4.2

Controlling PTZ cameras in Nx Witness VMS has a new look and feel. New and improved PTZ controls in Nx Witness v4.2 upgrade the operator experience...

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New Fisheye Lens Dewarping Options in Nx Witness v4.2

Nx Witness v4.2 Enhances Universal Fisheye Dewarping Capabilities for Surveillance Operators. Fisheye lens cameras are a great addition to...

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Nx Witness v4.1 – Available Now

Nx Witness VMS 4.1 with 5 new key features and 19 improvements – is an iterative release focused on enhanced dependability, accessibility,...

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Decode High Resolution Video on Low Power Hardware with Intel® Quick Sync and Nx Witness v4.2

Intel® Quick Sync + Nx Witness v4.2 = Awesome. A new feature in Nx Witness v4.2, Intel® Quick Sync  decoding in Nx Witness Desktop is a game changer....

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Nx System Calculator Updates!

New capabilities in the Nx System Calculator. The Nx System Calculator has been updated to include some of the newest tech on the market to help...

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Nx Witness v4.0 – Ready to Rock

Nx Witness VMS 4.0 18 New Features Dozens of Improvements A New Metadata SDK & Plugins Download it and get started today Check out Nx Witness VMS v4.0

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Nx Witness v4.2 – Available Now

Nx Witness VMS 4.2 - Available Today! Nx Witness VMS v4.2 is an iterative release focused on improved Desktop client performance and usability, and...

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Nx now an NVIDIA Jetson Ecosystem Partner

Network Optix is proud to be recognized by NVIDIA as an official Jetson Ecosystem partner. Jetson’s ecosystem helps product managers and developers...

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Nx Witness VMS not affected by Log4j Vulnerability

Nx Witness VMS and other Powered by Nx software products not affected by Log4j vulnerability. First - the good news! Nx Witness VMS and other Powered...

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GDPR Update – Let’s Keep in Touch!

We're updating our Privacy practices. The Network Optix Privacy Policy has changed to keep up with evolving international data privacy...

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New Nx Meta R4 Patch – Available Now

Nx Meta R4 Patch is now available. And you can download it now at Nx Meta’s newest patch, Meta R4, is here! This Nx Meta patch...

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Code Break: Video Player Tools for Developers

Video Player Tools for developers working with Nx Meta or Nx Witness. Developers working on integrating with Powered by Nx products (like Nx Witness...

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New – Nx Integrations Marketplace

Nx Integrations Marketplace Beta version available today on Nx Witness Cloud. The Nx Integrations Marketplace is a centralized integrations listings...

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Nx Meta – New Developer Tools & Resources in v4.1

Nx Meta v4.1 Updates New features, tools, and guides for developers working with Nx Meta. Open-Source OpenVINO Analytics Plugin This guide elaborates...

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Nx Witness Cloud v20.2 – Available Now

Nx Witness Cloud v20.2 is now available. Nx Witness Cloud v20.2 brings a suite of bug fixes and a few new features that make it easier than ever for...

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More In-Camera Analytics Supported in Nx Witness v4.2

Nx Witness v4.2 introduces new advanced In-Camera Analytics Support plugins for five leading IP camera manufacturers, including Bosch, Vivotek,...

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Accessing and Using the Generic Events Generator in the Server API

The Generic Event Generator on My Nx has been removed - but there's something better! Since switching over to the new dashboard, Developers may have...

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A Brand New My Nx Experience – Available Now

Same great products, New customer portal. My Nx just got an upgrade. As part of our continual effort to provide our customers and partners with all...

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1000 4K Cameras with Seagate

1000 4K Cameras. 1 Storage Array. Network Optix teamed up with Seagate Technology  to stress test Nx Witness VMS with the Seagate 5u84 Storage Array...

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