VSaaS or Video Surveillance.
The best IP Video solutions are Powered by Nx.

Building IP Video Management systems is difficult.
Building a VSaaS solution is even more complicated.
Network Optix’s software makes both simple.

A VSaaS Platform. An Integrations Ecosystem. And a VMS.

VSaaS IP Video Platform

Build a full-featured, full-stack intelligent VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Solution) for any industry or market.

IP Video Integration Ecosystem

Integrate your tech with the fastest growing IP video Marketplace on the planet and generate more opportunities.

IP Video Management System VMS

Buy an instantly usable, dependable, enterprise IP Video Management System (VMS) for your business or organization.

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Seagate Works with Nx Webinars

Join Nx as we explore global storage technology leader Seagate’s purpose-built surveillance hardware solutions and learn how Network Optix is working with Seagate to test high availability, high-throughput storage technologies designed to meet the challenges of enterprise IP video management.