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Build a full-featured, full-stack private labeled VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Solution) for any industry or market.

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Integrate your tech with the fastest growing IP video ecosystem on the planet and generate more opportunities.

IP Video Management System VMS

Buy an instantly usable, dependable, enterprise IP Video Management System (VMS) for your business or organization.

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Plate Recognizer LPR Works with Nx

Plate Recognizer is a highly-accurate, feature-rich license plate recognition (LPR, ALPR, ANPR) software with an ALPR Dashboard for in-depth analysis.

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NumberOK LPR and Vehicle Classification now Works with Nx

Network Optix introduces NumberOK LPR and Vehicle Classification as a Works with Nx Integration! NumberOK is an advanced server-based license plate recognition and vehicle recognition software developed for high accuracy and a fast rate of recognition.

Cybersecurity Threats in 2021 and Onward – How Nx Remains Secure

As cyber attacks become more commonplace each year, it is increasingly important to stay on top of emerging cybercrime trends. In this article, we explore cybersecurity threats in the modern age with a recap of cybercrime in 2021, a look at what to expect in the coming years, and a detailed overview of the measures Nx uses to remain secure.

Nx Witness VMS not affected by Log4j Vulnerability

Nx Witness VMS and other Powered by Nx products are unaffected by the Log4shell vulnerability. No part of our software platform uses the Apache Framework’s widely-used logging tool Log4j. It’s just that simple! Click to learn more.