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The best IP Video solutions are Powered by Nx.

Build a private labeled Powered by Nx VSaaS solution.
Join the largest IP video ecosystem – Works with Nx.
Step into the 21st century with Nx Witness VMS.

A VSaaS Platform. An Ecosystem. And a VMS.

VSaaS IP Video Platform

Build a full-featured, full-stack private labeled VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Solution) for any industry or market.

IP Video Integration Ecosystem

Integrate your tech with the fastest growing IP video ecosystem on the planet and generate more opportunities.

IP Video Management System VMS

Buy an instantly usable, dependable, enterprise IP Video Management System (VMS) for your business or organization.

Our Partners.

Products and services that Work with Nx.

airaTrack Face Tracking Works with Nx

Aira AI’s airaTrack integrates with Powered by Nx products (like Nx Witness VMS) via the Nx Server API. airaFace and airaTrack use face recognition and face tracking analytics to analyze and search live or archived video recorded in Powered by Nx products.

AoL Video Analytics Works with Nx

AoL video analytics and computer vision software offer a unique service that transforms any video camera into a business intelligence tool that can be accessed and managed from any device – and it Works with Nx!

Wasabi Cloud Storage Works with Nx

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is an affordable, unlimited, lightning-fast, and secure cloud storage platform that can be used in combination with Nx Witness VMS (or any Powered by Nx VMS) to give users a low-cost, high storage capacity IP video management solution.

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Nx Witness Cloud v20.2 – Available Now

Nx Witness Cloud v20.2 brings a suite of bug fixes and a few new features that make it easier than ever for Managed Service Providers to manage their customers’ systems remotely. Access it now at!

New Nx Meta R4 Patch – Available Now

Nx Meta’s newest patch, R4, is here! Meta R4 was built in an effort to improve utility for our developers – with enhanced Analytic plugin development, interface functionality, and a remodeled Rest API.  Give it a try for yourself today!