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    Nx User Portal

    The place to keep up with the latest news, products, services and tools from Network Optix.

    My Nx

    Design your systems and explore the full spectrum of Nx offerings in one place.

    Product Logins

    A secure online place where Nx users can log in to manage their accounts, view their system details, and access personalized services.

    Nx Cloud

    A simple way to connect to and manage an unlimited number of Nx EVOS, Nx Witness, or Nx Go systems.

    Nx Connect

    Nx Connect is a powerful subscription management portal designed to streamline and automate your recurring billing processes. Coming soon!


    Developer Portal

    An open, extensible IP video development platform used to create Nx EVOS products and Nx Marketplace integrations.

    Nx Meta

    Nx Meta is an extensible IP Video Development Platform created for software developers.

    Nx Support Portal

    The Nx Support Community is a public forum designed to connect developers, integrators, and end-users with Nx and our partners to discuss issues, share ideas, request new features.