NumberOk LPR and Vehicle Classification Works with Nx


Video Analytics, License Plate Recognition

Compatible Nx Version:

Nx Witness 4.2, Nx Witness 4.1

Integrated with Nx:

Server API

How NumberOk Works with Nx

Looking for reliable and fast license plate recognition and vehicle classification software for use in your Nx Witness VMS (or other Powered by Nx product)? NumberOk is an advanced server-based software for worldwide license plate recognition and vehicle classification developed for high accuracy and speedy processing.


  • High accuracy rate of more than 95% at speed up to 240 km/h
  • Vendor agnostic; can work with any IP camera supporting RTSP protocol
  • Easy deployment; no dongles for a license, and demo with electronic key
  • Unique features such as inbuilt business logic for access control, parking management, traffic rule control
  • Installation on a virtual machine enabled
  • Integration to the 3rd party software by TCP, IP, or HTTP protocols
  • Multiple channels from 1 up to 36 channels per one server
  • Seamless integration with Nx Witness VMS

NumberOk is integrated with Powered by Nx products via the Nx Server API. NumberOk sends recognized license plates as Generic Events to Nx Witness by using a standard API call in the form of an HTTP string – also known as the CreateEvent API call.

Product Images

NumberOk offers a variety of LPR and vehicle classification software packages including: 

NumberOK Lite
A basic version of the software that includes:

  • Plate recognition
  • Ability to send recognized license plate, make model, color, type of vehicle to the 3rd party software

NumberOK SMB
Includes all the features of Lite, plus:

  • Inbuilt modes for access control and parking management
  • Possibility to control executive mechanisms
  • List management (1000 Groups by 1000 vehicles)
  • Alerts and reactions
  • Quick access to graphics and statistics
  • Access by a schedule for Vehicles and Groups
  • Access by preset time
  • Access by free parking place occupancy
  • Calculation of time spent in parking location

NumberOK Enterprise
Includes all the features of SMB, plus:

  • Traffic rule control mode for Safe City projects
  • Red light passing
  • Bus lane control
  • Average speed calculation
  • Movement in prohibited direction
  • All NumberOk models can be just LPR, or LPR + vehicle classification (make, model, color, type of vehicle recognition).