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Regulating Traffic Safety in Botany Bay, Australia with Nx Witness and Art of Logic Video Analytics.

Bayside Council – a local government administration in New South Wales, Australia – decided to take action after receiving an influx of complaints concerning reckless driving, both on land and water, in the foreshore and surrounding suburbs of Botany Bay.

The area had become a hot spot for “hooning” in recent months, with growing concern from residents, businesses, and city officials regarding the negative impact of the behavior on the city’s reputation and residents’ quality of life. 

Following months of discussion and research into possible solutions, Bayside Council decided to pursue a solution equipped with modern video analytic technology to help them identify and review traffic infringements easily and efficiently. 

Ultimately, Bayside Council decided to work with Art of Logic to implement IP cameras in combination with AoL’s Machine Learning Platform and GPU Box, an AI edge-based video analytic solution equipped with Nx Witness VMS. The intelligent video capabilities in AoL’s edge-based hardware solution made it possible to quickly and accurately identify and record objects / persons of interest for forensic review.

Project Challenges

Bayside Council wanted a VMS and integrated video analytics solution that would address the following key questions:

  • How can IP video surveillance technology be used to identify traffic infringements and disruptive behavior as they occur for quick and efficient identification of perpetrators?
  • How can IP video surveillance technology be used to encourage traffic law compliance among residents and visitors of Botany Bay, with a population of about 60,000?

Nx and Art of Logic Offer a Solution

Art of Logic used edge-based video analytic hardware, fully integrated with Nx Witness VMS, to address the challenges raised by Bayside Council with a simple, easy-to-implement solution that gave the foreshore the ability to address existing issues and the flexibility to expand upon the reach and applications of their solution.  

Nx provided the video management system (Nx Witness VMS) and Art of Logic provided the hardware and video analytics (GPU box, Object Recognition, Vehicle Recognition, License Plate Recognition). Art of Logic partnered with system integrator, AFN Solutions to help them develop and deploy the fully customized security solution. 

Using the combined solution:


  • Nx Witness VMS and IP Cameras capture video of vehicles, pedestrians, and occurrences in the streets and on the water of Botany Bay foreshore.
  • System operators easily manage and monitor the area using key features like a flexible grid interface, custom layouts, administration and live viewing in a single unified interface, fisheye camera dewarping, forensic zoom windows and advanced PTZ controls.
  • Art of Logic’s GPU box – equipped with Object Recognition, Vehicle Recognition, and License Plate Recognition technology – identifies perpetrators in real-time.
  • System operators create a Rule in the Rules engine which then creates Bookmarks and alerts system operators (optimized to identify and alert within 3 seconds) each time an object or vehicle is identified by cameras and Art of Logic’s GPU box. 
  • System operators create a Rule in the Rules engine which then creates Bookmarks and alerts system operators (optimized to identify and alert within 3 seconds) each time a license plate is identified by cameras and Art of Logic’s GPU box.
  • If system operators need to investigate a particular piece of footage, they simply open Nx Witness VMS and search archived video for a particular item of interest. Nx Witness VMS captures and stores metadata allowing operators to search an entire year of archived video in seconds using associated metadata (tags, bookmarks, etc). Objects identified are bookmarked and classified according to their object type (vehicle, person, license plate).

In the following months after the implementation of the combined solution, Bayside Council and Botany Bay have begun to see a decrease in the number of reported traffic infringements and disruptive behavior as well as an overall increase in the public’s satisfaction.

Technologies Used

About Art of Logic

Art of Logic Pty Ltd (AoL) is a Research & Development Technology wholesaler that specializes in developing and manufacturing hardware and software systems to complement artificial intelligence and computer vision in the existing Nx Witness VMS Ecosystem. AoL works closely with its clients to create cutting-edge technology and solutions that are seamlessly integrated, effective, and sustainable for many years to come.

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