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    Case Study: Surveillance PRO / Taitung County

    by | Aug 22, 2022


    Optimizing City Surveillance in Taitung County, Taiwan with Nx Witness VMS and Surveillance PRO.Nx - SPC - Case Study Cover Template


    The Taitung County police force in Taiwan faced a conundrum. They needed to phase out their existing, dated video system and upgrade the underlying video technologies to be able to accommodate their city’s increasing surveillance needs. 

    Initially they sought to upgrade their existing system, but upon investigation police officials discovered the cost to upgrade was prohibitive.

    In addition to the cost concerns, they wanted a VMS that could be quickly and easily integrate with their existing custom content management system (CMS) and deployed video analytics technologies. They also wanted to find a technology partner that could adapt to a 1,200-camera system while increasing security and reliability of the system as a whole. Ultimately, they chose Nx.


    Nx Witness VMS and Surveillance PRO Offer a Solution


    Surveillance PRO and Network Optix provided a surveillance solution that utilizes Nx Witness VMS to address the challenges raised by Taitung police officials.

    Nx provided the video management system (Nx Witness VMS), Briefcam provided the video analytics, and Surveillance PRO provided the expertise to design and deploy the advanced security solution in collaboration with Taitung County police officials.

    Competitive Advantages of Nx Witness

    • The ability to rapidly discover and integrate IP cameras and IoT devices allows the new system to be configured quickly.
    • Nx Witness’ unique System Architecture composed of 4 basic components - Cloud, Desktop, Server, and Mobile - allows the system scale to 1,200 cameras out of the box with no engineering support.
    • Nx Witness’ unique Server Hive Architecture enables automatic camera failover and an ability to build out unmatched redundancy
    • System operators easily manage and monitor the area using key features like a flexible grid interface, custom layouts, administration and live viewing in a single unified interface, fisheye camera dewarping, forensic zoom windows and advanced PTZ controls.
    • System operators create a Rule in the Rules engine which then creates Bookmarks and alerts system operators (optimized to identify and alert within 3 seconds) each time an object or vehicle is identified by cameras. 
    • If system operators need to investigate a particular piece of footage, they simply open Nx Witness VMS and search archived video for a particular item of interest. Nx Witness VMS captures and stores metadata allowing operators to search an entire year of archived video in seconds using associated metadata (tags, bookmarks, etc). Objects identified are bookmarked and classified according to their object type (vehicle, person, license plate).

    Technologies Used

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    Surveillance PRO provides security monitoring equipment and systems - including IP cameras, video recorders, ethernet switches, and Nx Witness VMS - to assist customers in planning and building complete security monitoring projects.


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