Works with Nx Integrations

Integrated hardware or software solutions to a global channel of system integrators using Powered-by-Nx products.

Promity Access Control Works with Nx

Designed with worksite safety in mind, Promity Access Control is a people and intrusion detection software developed to help worksite safety monitors more effectively identify unsafe acts or security violations as they occur.

Promity PPE Detection Works with Nx

Designed with worksite safety in mind, Promity PPE Detection is a video analysis software featuring people and object detection developed to help worksite safety monitors more effectively capture and identify unsafe acts as they occur.

Vortex Omni Compressor Works with Nx

Vortex Omni Compressor is a stream optimizer software designed to reduce bandwidth consumption, thus lowering the costs associated with high bandwidth and optimizing video quality for real-time video. 

Amnimo Edge-Based AI Works with Nx

Amnimo Edge Gateway is an AIoT video solution that simplifies deployment and setup by combining a network video recorder, LTE router, PoE switch, and Nx Witness VMS all into one compact gateway.

Plate Recognizer LPR Works with Nx

Plate Recognizer is a highly-accurate, feature-rich license plate recognition (LPR, ALPR, ANPR) software with an ALPR Dashboard for in-depth analysis.

airaTrack Face Tracking Works with Nx

Aira AI’s airaTrack integrates with Powered by Nx products (like Nx Witness VMS) via the Nx Server API. airaFace and airaTrack use face recognition and face tracking analytics to analyze and search live or archived video recorded in Powered by Nx products.

AoL Video Analytics Works with Nx

AoL video analytics and computer vision software offer a unique service that transforms any video camera into a business intelligence tool that can be accessed and managed from any device – and it Works with Nx!

Wasabi Cloud Storage Works with Nx

Wasabi Cloud is an affordable, unlimited, lightning-fast, and secure cloud storage platform that can be used in combination with Nx Witness VMS (or any Powered by Nx VMS) to give users a low-cost, high storage capacity IP video management solution.

Tiger Tech’s Surveillance Bridge Works with Nx

Tiger Technology’s Tiger Surveillance Bridge is a seamless cloud connector that enables users to store Nx Witness captured video in any cloud including AWS, Azure, Google, Wasabi, and more – and it Works with Nx!

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