VCA Video Analytics Platform Works with Nx

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VCA Video Analytics Platform Works with Nx


Categories: Analytics

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.0, Nx Witness 4.1

Integrated with Nx: Server API

About VCAcore

VCAcore is a video analytics platform for either Linux or Windows based servers or ARM processors.


VCAcore has been designed to make Integration quick and simple with a skinnable HTML5 UI that provides a configuration interface out of the box. At the most basic level – LESS THAN ONE DAYS DEVELOPMENT TIME. Bolt-on AI modules for VCAcore with Deep Learning Classifiers maintaining our proven rules sets and performance, but with better detection accuracy and easier set up with no calibration


VCAcore can be quickly deployed as a stand-alone analytics server, streaming video directly from the VMS or camera. For more bespoke applications it can also be used as a reference design to gain deeper integration.


VCAcore utilizes the existing VCA tracker and library that has been established through our application of over 350,000 channels of video analytics installed worldwide.

VCAcore supports the following analytics:

– Object Counting

– Retail Analytics

– Remote Monitoring

– Transport

– Camera Tamper

– Perimeter Detection

– Night / Low-Light Security

– And More…


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