Tecom C4 Events Monitor Works with Nx

C4 Events Monitor

Tecom C4 Events Monitor Works with Nx


Categories: Access Control, Management

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.0, Nx Witness 4.1

Integrated with Nx: Server API

About TecomC4

TecomC4 provides a way for end-users and site operators to manage single or multiple site facility and security systems from one interface. Operators are able to monitor and control the safety and security of staff, manage visitors, and ensure the security of physical assets across multiple sites and remote locations. Tecom C4 makes this possible by providing a single interface to manage your security needs across single or multiple sites, incorporating intrusion, access control, and video surveillance.

Nx Events Monitor for C4 is a software package that enables integration between Tecom C4 and Powered-by-Nx products (e.g. Nx Witness VMS). With Nx Events Monitor for C4 operators can receive Events from Tecom C4 and use them to create rules in the Rules Engine such as creating a Bookmark, text overlays on live-view video feeds, Alarm Layout or open Layout-as-an-Action, and more.

Demo Video


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