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Analog to IP Migration


One of the largest platinum reserves in the country, Modikwa Platinum Mine masses a huge underground site with vast areas between active work sites in the north-eastern region of South Africa.

With an outdated analog system riddled with connectivity, stability, and poor image quality issues, mine officials felt it necessary to pursue a video management system and camera network that could be modified as needed to meet the dynamic nature of mining.

Ultimately, management decided to implement IP Cameras and a modern VMS (Nx Witness) equipped with a reliable server architecture and system monitoring to match their security expectations.

Project Challenges

Modikwa Platinum Mine wanted a solution that would address the following key questions:
  • How can IP video be used in conjunction with a VMS to minimize the number of hardware failures due to instability in mining conditions?
  • How can IP video be used in conjunction with a VMS to ensure effective surveillance of the mine without the downtime and excessive costs of upgrading?

     Nx Witness VMS offers a solution.

Network Optix and iPIXA together to develop a surveillance solution that addressed each concern according to the given parameters. Nx provided the video management system (Nx Witness VMS) and iPIXA provided the hardware (80 HD IP Cameras).

  • Nx Witness VMS and IP Cameras capture video of mine activity.
  • System operators easily manage and monitor the mine using key features like a flexible grid interface, custom layouts, administration and live viewing in a single unified interface, fisheye camera dewarping, forensic zoom windows and advanced PTZ controls.
  • iPIXA multi-megapixel IP cameras and Nx Witness VMS with support for 2 way audio, in-camera analytics, and I/O triggers allow for optimal system monitoring and interaction among staff throughout the mine.
  • Nx Witness Server Hive architecture allows the customer to deploy servers across the site with built-in redundancy, higher reliability, and better connectivity.
  • Nx Witness allows a staged upgrade of key cameras over time by using encoders to integrate existing analog devices, alleviating the need for large up-front capital expenditures.

Technologies Used

  • HD IP Cameras


“We are pleased that we have a customer that will stay with us due to Nx Witness platform being a perfect fit for their operation.”



“In my opinion, the image quality of even our outdated analogue PTZ cameras improved after installing Nx Witness.”

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