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    Network Optix Integrates Nx Go at Curiosity Lab IoT Control Room, Pioneering Smart City Traffic Solutions

    by | Jun 7, 2024

    Network Optix Integrates Nx Go at Curiosity Lab IoT Control Room, Pioneering Smart City Traffic Solutions
    Network Optix, a powerhouse in video software solutions, has officially implemented its Nx Go traffic management system within the 'IoT Control Room' at Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners. This deployment signifies the inaugural full-scale use of Nx Go in the United States since its official launch in April 2024.
    The IoT Control Room showcases a comprehensive array of screens that utilize Nx Go to amalgamate footage from traffic cameras with data collected from Lidar and various other sensors along the smart roadway infrastructure. This system is integral to the Lab's 5G-enabled testing environment in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, which accommodates both autonomous vehicles and traditional traffic alongside pedestrian zones.

    “Our IoT Control Room has been a model for how other smart cities across the world can aggregate massive amounts of data from sensors across connected infrastructure into the future.", stated Brandon Branham, Executive Director of Curiosity Lab.

    Network Optix describes Nx Go as an advanced software solution that consolidates inputs from a diverse range of devices into a single, efficient network. This capability is crucial in Peachtree Corners, which utilizes C-V2X technology embedded in its infrastructure - ranging from traffic lights and pedestrian crossings to building integrations - to enable seamless interactions among connected and autonomous vehicles and pedestrians.

    Marc Faubert, the Director of Mobility Platform Business Development at Network Optix, shared his excitement about the project: "Our partnership with Peachtree Corners, a frontrunner in smart city innovation, provides a unique opportunity to display our comprehensive range of Nx Go technologies. This site is unique in demonstrating the extensive sensor and Lidar implementations we've integrated into a fully functional smart city framework."

    Nx Go is crafted to deliver a unified monitoring solution, empowering city officials to proactively oversee, assess, and implement various improvement strategies for urban infrastructure and public services.

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    About Curiosity Lab
    Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is a publicly funded living lab designed to provide a real-world test environment to advance next-generation intelligent mobility and smart city technology.
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    About Nx Go
    Nx Go transforms urban and transportation management by converting video, lidar, and sensors into real-time data. Unlike traditional systems, it extracts valuable insights from camera networks, offering enhanced operational intelligence for digital twins, cloud systems, and specialized transportation software.

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