Network Optix Announces Partnership with Webbing to Revolutionize Urban Mobility and Transportation Systems

Nx and Webbing Partnership Featured Image
Network Optix Announces Partnership with Webbing to Revolutionize Urban Mobility and Transportation Systems

Network Optix is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Webbing, a pioneer in global wireless connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise mobility. This partnership aims to set new standards in mobility management for government entities and transportation sectors, addressing their critical needs for improved traffic flow, safety, and urban efficiency.

Nx and Webbing Partnership Featured Image

In an era where urban mobility poses significant challenges, Network Optix is introducing a groundbreaking operating system designed to optimize city and road networks. Making its debut from April 16th to 19th at Intertraffic 2024 in Amsterdam, our latest innovation integrates comprehensive video data collected through traffic cameras and LiDAR technology. Coupled with the advanced capabilities of the Nx Toolkit for AI, this integration offers municipalities unparalleled insights into traffic dynamics, enabling real-time decision-making to enhance vehicular flow, parking solutions, and overall urban operations.

At the core of this initiative is the synergy between Network Optix’s robust video infrastructure and Webbing’s extensive global cellular network. This partnership guarantees that organizations will benefit from the most reliable, low-latency internet connectivity available, facilitating seamless access to critical video feeds and ensuring uninterrupted operations across diverse settings.

By leveraging Webbing’s expertise in global IoT connectivity, Network Optix can ensure the swift deployment and consistent availability of vital real-time video and data, regardless of geographic location. Webbing's secure, high-grade IoT network not only expands the reach and performance of our solutions but also sets a new benchmark for the monitoring and management of transportation infrastructures worldwide.

“We are thrilled about this collaboration with Webbing, as it enables us to offer top-tier connectivity solutions to our customers,” Darren Odom, Network Optix's VP of Mobility Platform said about the partnership. “Incorporating Webbing’s essential connectivity into our solutions allows us to present a holistic approach, ensuring seamless video streaming and data accessibility across diverse locations. This endeavor highlights our dedication to innovating and addressing the dynamic needs of the mobility sector.”

Webbing, renowned for its innovative eSIM technology, offers superior connectivity services across more than 600 mobile operators globally. This ensures optimal coverage, security, and compliance, supported by a distributed core network infrastructure that enables flexible and scalable customer solutions.

“This collaborative effort marks a significant advancement in urban mobility management,” stated Nir Elron, Vice President of IoT Growth Vertical at Webbing. “By melding our connectivity expertise with Network Optix’s cutting-edge video infrastructure, we’re empowering transportation agencies to overcome congestion, enhance safety, and make parking more efficient, fostering more sustainable and livable urban spaces."

Network Optix and Webbing are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in urban mobility management. By harnessing the power of advanced video infrastructure and unmatched global connectivity, we are paving the way for smarter, safer, and more connected urban environments.


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About Webbing
Webbing is a global data MVNO that provides cutting-edge connectivity and IoT services to enterprises. Its secured network spans 600+ mobile carriers in over 190 countries, ensuring superior data connectivity for devices worldwide.
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Network Optix (Nx) specializes in enterprise-scale video and AI deployment infrastructure software offering solutions that manage millions of IP video cameras across 190 countries and 7 continents. 

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