Network Optix Opens Newest Office in Taipei

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Network Optix Taipei Office is Now Open 

Network Optix is proud to open the doors to its newest office in Taipei! Following an eight-year market presence, the development comes as part of Nx’s effort to further expand and establish its place as a powerhouse in the APAC market – and it’s just the beginning. The new office will serve as a workplace for Nx employees, as well as a meeting place and collaborative space for current and future Nx partners as Nx continues to help companies build powerful VSaaS products in Taiwan and the greater APAC region.

Located between Taipei Main Station and Taipei historical site, Beimen, the office sits in the center of the city and is constantly surrounded by activity, making it a great spot to put Powered by Nx products to the test under a variety of conditions – or to simply enjoy the spectacular views.

The 459.36 square meter (4,944.51 sq ft) office offers ample workspace including a conference room, common area, director’s office, and lab for product testing and demos. On top of ample workspace, employees and visitors can take advantage of the hangout room for breaks or even a game of darts!

Enough from us, see it for yourself at the video tour or photo gallery below: 


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