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Vortex Video Compressor Works with Nx



Categories: Storage Management, Other

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.2

Integrated with Nx: ONVIF / RTSP

How Vortex Omni Compressor Works with Nx

Vortex Omni Compressor is a stream optimizer software designed to adapt to any network environment and reduce bandwidth consumption.

Features Include:

  • Up to 90% bandwidth compression per stream.
  • Compress video, audio, and recordings Reliable video over unstable networks.
  • Lightweight, portable, compatible.
  • Interfaces to all VMS.
  • Centralized model, easy to deploy.
  • Adaptive technology for low bandwidth.
  • Fastest compressor software for windows and RPI Linux available today, less than 3 Meg in size.
  • Latency will be approx. 1 second or less in general case.
  • Total software installation is approx. 120 seconds (if the hardware configuration in place).

Vortex Omni Compressor integrates with Powered by Nx products (like Nx Witness VMS) via ONVIF / RTSP streams. Learn more about the integration in the Works with Nx Integrations Marketplace.

About the Developer - Vortex Global.

Vortex Global offers communications and surveillance solutions for industrial, commercial, public safety, aerospace, and government sectors. Vortex Global software integrates into existing systems, works with existing hardware, and is adaptable to the needs of many industries and projects. Vortex Global solutions are designed, developed, and deployed to optimize the protection of people, high-value assets and critical infrastructure while significantly reducing bandwidth consumption and both acquisition and operating costs.

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