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    Amnimo Edge-Based AI Works with Nx

    by | Jun 13, 2022

    Amnimo Edge-Based AI Works with Nx



    Categories: Automation, Event Detection, Video Analytics

    Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.2

    Integrated with Nx: Server API

    How Amnimo Edge Gateway Works with Nx

    Need a turnkey video management and analysis system? Amnimo Edge Gateway is an AIoT video solution that simplifies deployment and setup by combining a network video recorder, LTE router, PoE switch, and Nx Witness VMS all into one compact gateway.

    Developed for connecting remote video monitoring solutions in even the most unstable environments, Edge Gateway utilizes Nx Witness capabilities such as AI camera integration, Smart Search, custom AI plugins, etc. from anywhere through any device. Edge Gateway is an ideal AIoT video solution for Smart City, Security and Surveillance, Construction, Smart Farming, Logistics, and many more applications.

    Product Specifications:

    • Arm dual-core CPU (1GHz), large-capacity RAM (2GB) and eMMC (32GB) installed
    • Ubuntu Linux OS enables easy development of custom applications
    • 5 Ethernet ports, 4 of which support PoE
    • Equipped with USB2.0, RS232 and digital I/O (4 input, 2 output) interfaces
    • 2TB SSD provides a large storage capacity


    • Instantaneous power failure countermeasures by power backup function
    • Quick switching of multiple SIM cards overcomes disturbance in telecommunication
    • Automatic initial setup via the cloud
    • Remote firmware and setting updates
    • Syslog collection during operation
    • Settings are saved in the event of failed systems

    Amnimo Edge Gateway utilizes a cloud-based Enhanced Video Management System (EVMS) application integrated with Nx Witness VMS via the Nx Server API. 

    • Live streaming from multiple sites: Edge Gateway is able to discover RTSP streams from cameras within the Nx Witness system which are then live streamed to the cloud.
    • Smart Events: System reactions (i.e. alarms, bookmarks, alerts, etc.) to events received from an external source like AI cameras, AI modules or DI (Digital Input) triggers are configured in the Nx Rules Engine.
    • Smart Search: Events detected by external sources are searchable by specific criteria via the cloud application.
    • Snapshots and Clips: Recordings gathered in Nx Witness are processed at the edge to gather important snapshots and video clips for review.

    Amnimo Inc. is an AIoT device and software provider of unique, end-to-end coverage solutions. Amnimo has a strong edge device portfolio with edge AI gateways, IoT routers, and video gateways which are backed by Amnimo’s robust cloud backbone. Amnimo AI modules power both the edge layer and cloud layer to deliver sophisticated AIoT solutions.

    Amnimo Inc. strongly believes a collaborative ecosystem is the foundation for providing maximum value to customers. Amnimo actively works with AI video analytics partners, system integrators, and solution providers to deliver efficient and reliable solutions. 

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