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    Bluebox Video Wall Works with Nx

    by | Jun 13, 2022

    Bluebox Video Wall Works with Nx 



    Categories: Video Wall

    Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.0, Nx Witness 4.1

    Integrated with Nx: Server API

    About Bluebox Video Wall

    BlueBox Video Wall Controller Series includes Eight1080, Nine1080, Six4k, and Eight4k output appliances. Combined CPU and GPU technologies present users with a simple, single Windows 10 desktop canvas for unrestricted display and positioning of video stream inputs sourced from the Nx Server. Multiple appliances can be used in combination to create an unrestricted video wall size.

    The custom hardware platform is sourced from long-life industrial-grade embedded components. The professional appliance provides a resistant enclosure for physical durability, thermal optimization, and reduced power consumption. The appliances are in a compact form factor and both desk and rack-mountable.

    Hot-plug emulation, EDID emulation, and active hardware re-drivers are supplied on all DisplayPort outputs for cable lengths up to 20 meters.

    All streaming video wall appliances from BlueBox Video are provided with a free Network Optix plugin allowing familiar Nx Witness control such as recalling layouts, direct video wall control, web pages, archived video delivery, client push screen, fisheye camera dewarping, and much more.

    Features / Advantages include:

    • Low cost of ownership

    • Simplified integrator installation

    • Integrated professional solution

    • Single Windows 10 desktop canvas

    • Powerful CPU processing with GPU acceleration

    • Resolution, frame rate and encode format agnostic

    • Low power consumption

    • 24/7 Operation

    • Rack mounting

    • 2U & 3U form factors

    • DisplayPort or HDMI outputs 


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