Ambedded Converged Storage Device Works with Nx

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Ambedded Converged Storage Device Works with Nx


Categories: Nx VMS Server & Storage

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 3.2, Nx Witness 4.0, Nx Witness 4.1

Integrated with Nx: Natively Supported by Nx, Via Operating System

About Ambedded Mars400Nx

The Ambedded Mars400Nx is a scalable Video Management System that provides integrated functionality between Network Optix VMS server and scalable high available distributed software-defined storage Ceph. Both the Nx VMS server and the Ceph Storage run on Mars400Nx Arm-Based server cluster as a turnkey solution.

This integrated solution saves all of the efforts of integrating the scalable VMS and storage system. Every Mars400Nx accommodates 8 nodes low power Arm-Server. All Arm-Server nodes have pre-installed Network Optix VMS and Ceph storage software. You can configure any number of nodes as the VMS servers or Ceph storage nodes. Adding more Mars400Nx can scale out the cluster to meet the requirements of video streaming and storage capacity demand. Mars400Nx allows you to use a single platform to deploy your digital surveillance project in any combination of scales. The Mars400Nx Arm-Based micro-server architecture offers many advantages that traditional servers can’t:

-Cluster Architecture: No single point of failure.
-Micro-server Architecture: Small failure domain. Server node fail causes a very small service impact.
-Software pre-installed: Simplify the deployment of video servers and storage nodes by a single platform.
-Flexible configuration can meet any combination of video streaming and storage capacity needs.
-High Density: 1U, 8 nodes Mars400Nx can service up to 240 Full HD IP cameras.
-Scalable: Both VMS and Storage can independently scale to any size.
-65% power saving in comparison with x86 server.

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