Failover Should be Free

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With any IP Video Management System (IPVMS), the possibility of a server failure that interrupts capture or recording of a critical event is a major concern. Yet failover capability – if available – is usually an expensive add-on involving intensive configuration. Nx Witness gives you a fully integrated, universally available, fully automatic camera failover feature – for free.

In the event of a server failure (network disconnect, power failure), all connected devices (IP cameras, encoders, I/O devices) automatically transfer and the client reconnects to any alternate server you choose. The Nx Witness server hive architecture ensures failure is managed, downtime is minimized, and client playback is seamless no matter where the video is stored.

In addition, an optional failover priority feature in Nx Witness lets you specify the relative importance of each device individually. High priority cameras are transferred first every time, low priority cameras can be set not to transfer at all. It’s a one-button setting in Nx that some of our competitors don’t have – at all.

At the end of the day the primary purpose of a video management system is to capture mission-critical moments. For this reason alone automatic camera failover should be a standard feature in any professional VMS.

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