What is Nx Meta?

Nx Meta is an open, extensible Video Management Platform designed to enable the rapid integration of devices and systems with Powered-by-Nx products.

Powered-by-Nx products combine Nx Meta with 3rd party technology (software or hardware) to create intelligent video solutions.

Integrate any Device or System with Nx Meta

Nx Meta® allows developers to integrate virtually any 3rd party device or system using our open, freely available developer tools.

Cloud API

Metadata SDK

Storage SDK

Server API

Video Source SDK

Combine IP Video with Computer Vision Applications

Nx Meta VMP was designed specifically to combine IP video with machine learning or deep learning driven analytics applications to produce more actionable business intelligence.

Object Metadata Database

Smart Object Search

Jetson Tx1 / Tx2 Support

Custom Events

Custom Actions

Object Bounding Boxes

Object Paths

See How it Works

Develop Custom Plugins for Powered-by-Nx Products

Plugins developed with Nx Meta VMP work with Nx Witness and all Powered-by-Nx products, giving Meta developers the opportunity to promote their integrated products through Nx's global partner network.

Find New Customers

Rapid Prototyping

Custom Solutions

Millions of Active Cameras

Global Presence

Certified Integrators

A to Z Markets

Sell Direct or Via Nx

Create your very own Powered-by-Nx product

Need to add full VMS capabilities to an existing product? Have a brand new idea? Work with Nx to create your own Powered-by-Nx product.

For Your Market

For Your Devices

With Your Messaging

And Your Brand


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