Nx Meta Developer Tools

A brief overview of the development tools available in Nx Meta.
Integrate IP video-adjacent tech in days, not months. For Free.

The Server API is an HTTP based RESTful API that enables rapid integration of 3rd party devices and systems using HTTP/S Requests.

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Metadata SDK

Create Plugins to seamlessly integrate object-oriented video analytics – with bounding boxes, metadata tags, and more using this C++ based SDK.

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Video Source SDK

Integrate 3rd party IP Video devices and archives – including IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, I/O Devices, and Audio interfaces using this C++ based SDK.

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Storage SDK

Integrate 3rd party storage devices (like Veracity’s Cold Store) and/or cloud-based storage locations for live archiving or backup.

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Instant Integrations

A brief overview of the integrations available in Nx.


HTTP Events & Actions

Generate CreateEvent API calls (aka “Generic Events”) which can be used to create custom automations in the Rules Engine.

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Camera Details panel

A special panel in the Server Web Client which provides camera ID and stream info that makes it easier to develop integrations.

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Integrate with Zapier

Zapier is a cloud automation service that can be used to integrate Nx Witness with 1000’s of other web-based applications and services.

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An open, comprehensively documented RESTful HTTP Server API.





The Nx Server API is a RESTful API that provides developers the ability to access nearly every feature available in the system’s thick client, including – but not limited to – the ability to query/manage system resources (servers, cameras, users), manage users and permissions, pull live or recorded video out of the system, generate events, create rules, control PTZ cameras, and more.


What can you integrate with the HTTP Server API?


The Server API gives developers the ability to pull live or archived video and their related metadata from Powered by Nx products into 3rd party video analytics solutions for every application – License Plate Recognition, Behavior Analytics, People Detection / Identification, and more!

Access Control & Alarm Systems Integration

The Server API gives developers the ability to pull live or archived video and their related metadata from Powered by Nx products into 3rd party Access Control / Alarm systems to playback event-driven video, send events to Nx, control access / alarm from soft triggers with HTTP Requests as an action, and more.

Health Monitoring / Reporting Platforms

The Server API can also be used to integrate with custom 3rd party health monitoring and reporting solutions to add an extra layer of reporting and monitoring.

PSIM Platforms

The Server API gives any PSIM application – like Vidsys or C2P –  the ability to integrate seamlessly with Powered by Nx products to view, monitor, and manage connected devices and their related video.


Video Source SDK

Integrate live or recorded video sources, I/O, and audio devices.





The Video Source SDK (Software Developer Kit) enables integration of any video source (live or archived) into the system.

With the SDK it’s possible to create a method for auto-discovering, displaying, analyzing, and recording video from virtually any live or recorded video source – IP Cameras, encoders, NVR’s, DVR’s, and more.

The Video Source SDK also allows for the integration of device I/O’s (inputs & outputs) and 3rd party motion detection metadata.

What can you integrate with the Video Source SDK?

IP Video Sources

The Nx Video Source SDK can be used to integrate 3rd party IP camerasNVRs, and DVRs with Powered by Nx software to allow capture, control, management, and even search of device video, I/O, and audio capabilities.

IoT Devices

The Nx Video Source SDK can be used to integrate 3rd party I/O and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, extending an operator’s ability to monitor and control physical devices (lighting, alarm, HVAC, Fire, etc) in a system.


Metadata SDK

The Metadata SDK enables seamless integration of object-driven 3rd party video analytics applications as Plugins.





The Metadata SDK is used to create Plugins which are installed on the Nx Server application.

  • Enables the seamless integration of object-oriented video analytics into Powered by Nx products.
  • Transmit bounding box and metadata attributes for objects detected into a special object database in Powered-by-Nx products.
  • Display bounding boxes over live or recorded video.
  • Display detected object attributes over live or recorded video.
  • Generate custom Plugin Events (e.g. Face Recognized) and Plugin
  • Health Events (e.g. Service disconnected) which can be used by system operators to create automated system reactions in the Rules Engine.
  • Create Config Panel for users to configure how the two systems link together. (optional)

What can you integrate with the Metadata SDK?

Identity Recognition

The Metadata SDK can be used to integrate with Identity Management solutions like VisionLabs or Nirovision to create hands free high flow access control solutions, blacklist solutions, and more.

Traffic Management

The Nx Metadata SDK can be used to integrate Powered-by-Nx products with A.I. powered intelligent automobile recognition solutions – including License Plate Recognition (ALPR, LPR) – to create intelligent parking, automobile tracking, and traffic management solutions.

Behavioral Analytics

The Nx Metadata SDK can also be used to integrate with deep learning solutions which detect and analyze human behavior – e.g. people counting, heat mapping, queue management, fall detection, and even violence detection – like Senturian’s Neurolytics solution.


Storage SDK

The Storage SDK enables the integration of 3rd party hardware and software based storage solutions.





The Storage SDK enables the integration of 3rd party storage hardware (like Veracity’s Cold Store hardware) and/or cloud or network-based storage for live archiving or backup of existing captured video.

What can you integrate with the Storage SDK?

Unique Storage Hardware

The Storage SDK can be used to integrate Powered by Nx software built with Nx Meta with unique 3rd party storage solutions like Veracity’s Cold Store hardware with its Sequential Filing System and Linear Array of Idle Disks.

Public Cloud Storage

The Storage SDK can be used to integrate Powered-by-Nx products with public cloud storage solutions like Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Private Cloud Storage

Developers can use the Storage SDK to integrate with private cloud-based storage (e.g. FTP) enabling redundant concurrent recording to offsite storage locations for data continuity and more.


HTTP Events & Actions

Create simple, fast integrations with Powered by Nx software built with Nx Meta using HTTP Generic Events & Do HTTP Request Actions.





Powered by Nx software can send and receive HTTP or HTTPS requests, allowing fast, simple integrations and automation with any integrated system or device.

What can you integrate quickly using HTTP Events & Actions?

Quick Access Control / Alarm Systems Integrations

Use HTTP Events & Actions to quickly integrate Access Control / Alarm systems to tag critical video events in Powered by Nx software or trigger system actions and to allow operators to open Access Control doors or trigger alarm system inputs.

Integrate with Building Automation Systems

Combine intelligent video with building automation platforms to reduce energy usage, monitor critical building systems (like HVAC, elevators, escalators, and more), and enhance system operators situational awareness.

Manage & Control IoT Devices

The Do HTTP Request action in the Rules Engine allows developers to quickly integrate with 3rd party IoT devices like GJD’s Clarius lightning devices for seamless control of video-adjacent devices.


Camera Details Panel

A special panel in the Nx Web Client that exposes camera information for developers.





The Camera Details Panel is a special panel in the Nx Web Client (located in the Server Web Page) designed to make it easier for developers to get information about cameras during integration to 3rd party systems.

Camera Name

The name of the camera in a Powered by Nx software product.


CameraID is a unique identifier for a camera often used in API calls. CameraID can be modified by developers in the Expert Settings tab of the Camera Settings dialog in the Nx Desktop client.

Link Settings

Authentication settings for direct downloads from the Camera Details Panel – temporary key / credentials.

High Res Stream

URL for the camera’s high resolution stream (e.g. 1920 x 1080, 4K)

CameraIP Address

The IP Address of the camera (e.g.

Camera View

A link to the camera in the Nx Web Client.

Download Links

Direct download links for High / Low res streams with configurable duration (sec) and resolution (e.g. 1080p).

Trans-coded Streams

URLs for any available trans-coded streams in RTSP, MJPEG, WEBM formats.


Integrate with Zapier

Connect thousands of applications and automate workflows.





Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and over 1,500 more. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. It’s easy enough that anyone can build their own app workflows with just a few clicks.

Automate Anything with Zapier

Sign Up

Sign Up to Zapier and click on this link to access the Nx Cloud Zapier invite (still in Beta mode!).

Create your own Zap

Check out the 1500+ different web apps that you can integrate with Zapier – and create your own automation.

Check out an Example

We put together a little video to show how you can integrate your Powered by Nx product with Zapier.

Nx Witness - Zapier Integration