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    A Category of One at the Embedded Vision Summit 2024

    by | May 16, 2024

    The highly anticipated Embedded Vision Summit, set to take place on May 21-23rd in Santa Clara, CA, is just around the corner. And, although we are continuously meeting partners, customers, and developers worldwide who use, build on, and benefit from Nx software, the Summit has a special place in our hearts. 

    The Summit connects the theories from great academic conferences, like CVPR, to the concrete needs of innovators building real-world products. It attracts the bleeding edge of software developers, hardware developers, and business developers working on novel edge AI and vision solutions. And this is where we play a special role: Nx uniquely provides the tools, the “back-bone” so to speak, that developers can use to scale their Vision and AI applications around the globe. We offer a (meta) operating system, Nx’s Enterprise Video Operating System (EVOS), built to provide the ultimate foundation for anyone building and scaling vision and AI solutions, and we intend to show off our “category-of-one” software stack at its best during the Summit.


    EVOS, a Category of One.

    While the Summit is known to bring together the global innovators that build edge AI and vision solutions - from solution-development companies to novel hardware manufacturers to business developers - Network Optix carves out a new category in this year's Summit. With over a decade of experience managing smart video applications at gigantic scales in industries as diverse as security, infrastructure, and space exploration, we now provide our backbone to developers globally. Nx EVOS, the world’s first Enterprise Video Operating System, spanning edge devices, cameras, clients, mobile, and web, combined with the development tools in the Nx Toolkit, allows developers to scale up in minutes. Nx EVOS allows hardware developers to sell their hardware in a thriving ecosystem and businesses to focus on providing value. Essentially, Nx EVOS provides the base layer for all things video and AI.


    Interactive Application Building and Live Demonstrations

    At our booth, we will showcase and provide live demonstrations of a multitude of applications powered by Nx EVOS. We will demonstrate how developers have used the different components of the Nx Toolkit – the Nx EVOS developer tools – to build smart body-worn cameras, large-scale traffic solutions, and industrial AI applications. We will show how Nx EVOS manages all things video: from consuming the video stream to efficient edge image decoding to large-scale visualization, storage, and search across 1000s of streams. We will demonstrate how the Nx AI Manager, one of the tools at the disposal of developers using the Nx Toolkit, allows managed deployment of advanced AI models to a variety of edge devices. We will even allow you to train your own model, deploy it to your favorite edge device, and display the inferences live across a variety of devices.

    In addition to the multitude of live demos at our Summit booth, we will also have regular interactive sessions. Robin van Emden, Senior Director of Data Science at Network Optix, will provide short, hands-on, interactive sessions at our booth where he will demonstrate the creation of vision and AI applications from scratch in minutes, from model training to multi-device deployment and visualization with ease using the tools in the Nx toolkit. We will also reserve a space at the booth to showcase some of the amazing applications that are currently being built by our large developer community by featuring some of the ongoing work produced by participants of our international EVOS Hackathon.

    Finally, we extend an open invitation to the entire community to join us in our latest initiative to share our expertise and drive progress in the industry as a whole. By forming a collaborative consortium, we aim to solve one of the most pressing issues in our field - hardware agnostic edge AI deployment. By sharing our technical expertise and advocating for the establishment of standard practices, we aim to accelerate innovation in the field. Coined the Open AI Accelerator Exchange (OAAX), we will actively seek members for the steering committee and working groups to move this initiative forward. If all goes well, next year's Summit could be the year we see OAAX in action at every booth, accelerating their demos and applications. 


    Contributed Talks

    While our booth will be the place to be, we will also share some of our deep technical and business expertise in various Summit presentations.

    • Nx EVOS: A New Enterprise Operating System for Video and Visual AI by Nx Chairman & CEO, Nathan Wheeler - May 23rd, 12-12:30PM
    • Today, developers of video and AI applications are effectively writing their applications at the bare-metal level, building the “plumbing” themselves to handle basics like device discovery, storage management, security and model deployment. These developers need an operating system that supports their applications so they can focus on what really matters: the core functionality of their product. Nx EVOS is the world’s first enterprise video operating system. EVOS revolutionizes video management, offering device discovery, bandwidth optimization and security features—in cloud and on device. Its support for AI pipelines and user management enables scalable deployment of AI applications across environments and platforms, and it’s trusted by leading organizations such as SpaceX. Join Nathan’s session to learn how Nx EVOS can save you time and effort in building your next vision product.
    • Building and Scaling AI Applications with the Nx AI Manager by Nx Senior Director, Data Science, Robin Van Emden - May 22nd, 2:40-3:20PM
    • In this technical presentation, Robin will cover the basics of scaling edge AI solutions using the Nx tool kit. We will emphasize the process of developing AI models and deploying them globally. We will showcase the conversion of AI models and the creation of effective edge AI pipelines, with a focus on pre-processing, model conversion, selecting the appropriate inference engine for the target hardware and post-processing. We will show how Nx can simplify the developer’s life and facilitate a rapid transition from concept to production-ready applications. Attendees will gain valuable insights into developing scalable and efficient edge AI solutions, with a strong focus on practical implementation.
    • Scaling Vision-Based Edge AI Solutions: From Prototype to Global Deployment by Nx Chief Data Scientist, Prof. Dr. Maurits Kaptein - May 22nd, 10:40-11:10AM
    • The Summit brings together innovators in silicon, devices, software, and applications and empowers them to bring computer vision and perceptual AI into reliable and scalable products. However, integrating recent hardware, software, and algorithm innovations into prime-time-ready products is challenging. Scaling from a proof of concept—for example, a novel neural network architecture performing a valuable task efficiently on a new piece of silicon—to an AI vision system installed in hundreds of sites requires surmounting myriad hurdles. First, building on Network Optix’s fourteen years of experience, Maurits will detail how to overcome the networking, fleet management, visualization and monetization challenges that come with scaling a global vision solution. Second, Maurits will discuss the complexities of making vision + AI solutions device-agnostic and remotely manageable, proposing an open standard for AI model deployment to edge devices. The proposed standard aims to simplify market entry for silicon manufacturers and enhance scalability for solution developers. Maurits will invite the community to join us in making edge deployment easier, and jointly growing our market.

    See you at the Summit.

    As you can tell, the Summit is a big event for us. Yes, we bring a wealth of knowledge from our ten years of expertise in crafting cutting-edge vision and AI solutions that currently oversee and analyze camera feeds in the millions. And, yes, we have created the most powerful software stack on the market to scale vision and AI solutions. Our software is trusted, used, and white-labeled in many advanced vision and AI applications created by dozens of our partners. But, in a way, this year’s summit is our moment to truly open up Nx EVOS and hand you, developers, the Nx Toolkit. This is our opportunity to contribute to the community and collectively expand the Edge AI and Vision market. 

    Join the movement by stopping by booth #304 at the Embedded Vision Summit 2024 from May 21st to 23rd.

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