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    Nx Hackathon Spotlight: 3rd Place - ThingTank's Smart Parking Solution

    by | Jul 2, 2024

    Nx Hackathon Spotlight: 3rd Place -ThingTank's Smart Parking Solution

    With the Nx Hackathon now behind us, we’re eager to speak more about the innovative solutions presented by our top prize winners. This week's focus is on our third-place winner, ThingTank, who developed an exceptional solution to address several challenges faced in private and public parking lots. Leveraging the tools provided in the Nx Toolkit of Network Optix's Enterprise Video Operating System, Nx EVOS, ThingTank's application uses security camera footage to monitor and detect parking slot occupancy in real-time, track the lot's total occupation, and automatically alert lot owners in the case of an emergency. This innovative approach not only facilitates quicker parking spot location for drivers but also enhances overall parking lot management and safety.


    Approach to Detect Occupancy

    ThingTank's system employs advanced deep learning algorithms, such as MaskRCNN and YOLO, to identify the location of parking slots within the security camera footage. Once the spaces are identified, classifiers are used to determine the presence or absence of vehicles and output information about the type of spot, whether the spot is vacant or occupied, and the duration of occupancy to the management system.

    Solution Demo


    Key Features and Benefits

    Optimized Parking Space Utilization
    ThingTank's solution utilizes the Nx AI Manager to configure an AI model designed to identify available parking spots, significantly reducing the time drivers spend searching for spots and maximizing the use of the lot.

    Cost-effective and Low-maintenance Solution
    By using existing on-site video cameras instead of expensive and maintenance-intensive ground-mounted sensors, ThingTank's application provides a budget-friendly alternative for parking lot monitoring. This reduces the maintenance costs of the lot while ensuring a much more reliable performance.

    Improved Accuracy and Reduced Errors in Parking Management
    The system empowers site managers to optimize parking lot utilization with greater accuracy, fewer errors, and more reliable data, leading to better management of available spaces and a more organized parking facility.

    Fire Detection Integration
    In addition to monitoring parking space occupancy, ThingTank's application integrates fire detection capabilities for additional safety. This feature detects potential accidents and vehicle fires early, preventing escalation and enhancing safety for both vehicles and drivers.


    Parking Space Utilization - ThingTank Parking Slot Detection and Occupancy Monitoring System

    Parking Space Utilization - ThingTank Parking Slot Detection and Occupancy Monitoring System
    Parking Space Utilization - ThingTank Parking Slot Detection and Occupancy Monitoring System
    Fire Detection - ThingTank Parking Slot Detection and Occupancy Monitoring System
    System Components - ThingTank Parking Slot Detection and Occupancy Monitoring System

    The Future of ThingTanks Product

    These features only scratch the surface of what could be implemented. ThingTank included a list of additional features that could be included in future updates, such as:

    • Vehicle Make, Model, and License Plate Recognition
    • A User-Friendly Application with Augmented Reality Guidance
    • Integration with Existing Smart City Infrastructure
    • Raspberry Pi & NVIDIA Jetson Boxes Integration for Cloud Access


    ThingTank's Parking Slot Detection and Occupancy Monitoring system offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing parking facilities and optimizing parking space utilization. By leveraging advanced deep learning techniques and existing security camera infrastructure, this system provides real-time information about parking availability, helping to reduce congestion and improve the overall parking experience for drivers.

    We extend our proud and heartfelt congratulations to ThingTank for their innovative solution. Their work demonstrates the transformative power of computer vision in addressing real-world challenges. We look forward to seeing this application implemented in the future, aiding parking facilities worldwide.

    Stay tuned for more updates and success stories as we continue to explore the limitless potential of Nx EVOS and celebrate the brilliant minds driving technological advancements.




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