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    OpenVINO Successfully Integrated into Nx EVOS on Intel Architecture

    by | Jun 19, 2024

    OpenVINO Successfully Integrated into Nx EVOS on Intel Architecture

    Introduction to the Network Optix Enterprise Video Operating System (Nx EVOS) 

    Network Optix's Nx EVOS is a video-powered, data-driven operational management platform with built-in artificial intelligence, designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses across various industries. Nx EVOS offers unparalleled efficiency and scalability, enabling organizations to build innovative AI-driven video solutions that secure a competitive edge. Key features of Nx EVOS allow businesses to deploy, manage, and scale edge AI solutions across thousands of IoT devices. Field operations teams can effortlessly deploy new models across a varied fleet of edge devices without the hassle of additional engineering work. Tailored to streamline operational workflows and data analysis, the platform minimizes the coding needed for AI deployments, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

    Optimization on Intel Architecture with OpenVINO

    To maximize AI inference performance and efficiency, the Nx EVOS server has seamlessly integrated OpenVINO, offering no-code, automated optimization for customers' vision AI workloads on Intel Architecture. This optimization ensures that code running on the Nx EVOS server fully utilizes the underlying hardware, resulting in faster processing times, reduced latency, and increased throughput for AI workloads.

    The optimization process involved the integration of OpenVINO code for ONNX Runtime, which was applied to the critical elements of a video AI pipeline operating on the platform. These enhancements enable the solution to fully leverage the robust CPUs and AI capabilities of Intel, enhancing Nx EVOS' efficiency and versatility across various deployment scenarios.

    The Network Optix OpenVINO optimization has been demonstrated on the 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Gold 5412U Processor. Renowned for its robust performance and reliability, the Intel® Xeon® Gold 5412U Processor supports an extensive ecosystem of tools and libraries that further streamline the development and deployment of AI solutions, making it an ideal choice for the Nx EVOS platform. Through the integration of Intel OpenVINO, Nx EVOS now supports the whole range of Intel CPUs, including Intel Core and Intel Xeon.




    About Network Optix

    Network Optix (Nx) is a global powerhouse in video software development, driven by a mission to empower the creation of intelligent video-based solutions and products capable of converting video into actionable data. Over a decade in the making, the Network Optix Enterprise Video Platform helps innovative organizations rapidly and affordably build world-class, custom-tailored, enterprise-scale video products and solutions.
    Network Optix is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to empower organizations to harness the full potential of video technology for security and operational insights. 

    The Nx EVOS server application, Nx Server, Network Optix’s edge software for managing camera streams, currently powers over 5 million camera channels globally. Additionally, Nx Desktop, Nx Cloud, and Nx Mobile seamlessly integrate with any Nx-supported camera, supporting a diverse range of Vision and Vision+AI applications.

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