Promity Access Control Works with Nx

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Promity Access Control Works with Nx


Categories: Video Analytics, Event Detection, Access Control

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.2

Integrated with Nx: Server API

How Promity Access Control Works with Nx

Designed with worksite safety in mind, Promity Access Control is a people and intrusion detection software developed to help worksite safety monitors more effectively identify unsafe acts or security violations as they occur.

Some potential use cases include:

    • Prevention of lost / robbery in inventory, industrial, or construction environment
    • Safety rules compliance monitoring (e.g. entering / avoiding specific areas)
    • Control of discipline at the construction site or at the unloading / loading sites of raw materialPromity Access Control Screenshot

Promity Access Control is integrated with Powered by Nx products via the Nx Server API and works in conjunction with the Nx Rules Engine.

The Access Control plugin sends video recorded in Nx Witness to the Promity platform, whose main task is to analyze the video and return the detection. Events detected by Promity Access Control can be configured to return System Actions (i.e. notifications, play sound, etc.) using the Rules Engine

Features include:  

  • People Detection
  • Region of Interest feature for easy identification of areas that may need analyzation
  • Ability to analyze only frames on which motion has been detected for the purpose of limiting consumption of internet resources
  • Detection sensitivity can be increased or decreased according to operator needs

Coming soon:

  • Different colors of bounding boxes to detect different alerts more effectively
  • Better object tracking to reduce time lag and computing power
  • New “engagement” digital counter to allow quick calculation of alerts magnitude, such as the number of people detected in the location / or inside an area of interest

The Promity Access Control plugin can be tested for free upon demand at

 About the Developer - Promity

Promity is an IT solution provider that creates comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions based on Computer Vision, NLP, Audio Processing, and Deep Learning AI for the purpose of identifying and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a given business.

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