Nx Witness Cloud v20.2 – Available Now

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Nx Witness Cloud v20.2 is now available.

Nx Witness Cloud v20.2 brings a suite of bug fixes and a few new features that make it easier than ever for Managed Service Providers to manage their customers’ systems remotely.

Nx Cloud v20.2 - New Features

Nx Cloud v20.2 brings a few key new features to the Nx Witness Cloud browser based interface, including:

  • New dropdown menu
  • New search field
  • Several new storage management settings

Read on below to learn more about the latest Nx Witness Cloud features. 
View all the new features now at https://nxvms.com.

System Quick Switch

A new dropdown menu in the header allows operators to switch between cloud-connected systems instantly. Links to the “Systems” page and other pages are displayed in the bottom half of the dropdown menu.

System Search

A new search field has been added to the “Systems” page allowing operators to instantly search users and resources.

More Advanced Storage Management

Storage Management in Nx Witness Cloud just got easier – with a  list of storage locations and several new settings, including:

  • Add external network storage
  • Reindex archive
  • Select storage for analytics DB
  • Enable/disable archive backup
  • Restore backup settings to default

Nx Cloud v20.2 Improvements

The new Nx Witness Cloud update brings a suite of bug fixes including:

  • Cloud Portal did not load in Internet Explorer 11. Fixed.
  • The “Activate trial license” button was missing from License Management. Fixed.
  • Unauthenticated users received a 404 Error when they opened a page other than the “Systems” page on Cloud Portal. Fixed.
  • The camera thumbnail and preview disappeared when users enabled/disabled recording in Camera Settings. Fixed.
  • Users could not disable recording in Camera Settings. Fixed.
  • The new URL structure for download links caused a 403 Forbidden error for older software versions. Fixed.
  • No error message appeared when attempting to delete the system owner account from a different VMS customization. Fixed.
  • Users were limited to selecting one cell at a time while configuring Motion Detection Sensitivity on Android devices in Google Chrome. Fixed.
  • Some package links on the Downloads page were invalid. Fixed.
  • The recording toggle in Camera Settings did not change to green when toggled. Fixed.
  • No error message appeared when the port in Server Settings was changed to a busy port. Fixed.
  • Some URLs could not be used in the “External link” field in Integrations. Fixed.
  • The “Install Desktop Client” dialog would appear in addition to the “Open Desktop Client” dialog. Fixed.
  • The email field on the registration page was disabled if the “Systems” page was opened earlier. Fixed.

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