airaTrack Face Tracking Works with Nx

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airaTrack Face Tracking Works with Nx

Aira develops algorithms and intelligent video solutions with a focus on facial recognition.

Categories: Event Detection, Face Recognition, Object Detection, Video Analytics

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.2, v5

Integrated with Nx: Server API

How Aira airaTrack Works with Nx

Aira AI‘s airaTrack makes locating a specific person or target among multiple video streams easier and faster than basic facial recognition with face tracking technology.

Rather than using manpower to individually review each face detection incidence, airaTrack is able to review up to 10,000 faces in 1 second to identify and bookmark each time the target face appears in a camera’s field of view. airaTrack is then able to export multiple video streams at once rather than having to export each video stream individually. 

Aira AI’s airaTrack integrates with Powered by Nx products (like Nx Witness VMS) via the Nx Server API. airaTrack uses face recognition and face tracking analytics to analyze and search live or archived video recorded in Powered by Nx products. airaTrack does this in one of two ways:

I. Live Video Search:

  1. Nx Witness sends video live stream to airaTrack server
  2. airaTrack server creates an index of faces found in the live stream
  3. Operator chooses a target face from the airaTrack index
  4. airaTrack server searches video streams captured in Nx Witness
  5. Nx Witness creates Bookmarks in the video stream where the target face is identified

II. Video Archive Search

  1. Operator uploads a picture of the target face to airaTrack browser and chooses the Nx video archive they want to search
  2. airaTrack requests the video archive from Nx Witness via Nx Server API
  3. Nx Witness sends the video archive to airaTrack server
  4. airaTrack searches and identifies instances where the target person appears in video archive

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With Aira’s patented AI technology, airaTrack is capable of detecting a person's figure, clothing color, accessories, and face. Using this information it generates a unique personal landmark identifier. The target person can then be tracked across multiple cameras and video archives to display their path and incident occurrence time. 

airaTrack key features include:

  • Attendance Management
  • Welcome System
  • Video Surveillance
  • Fever Management( With airaTablet+)
  • Compatibility for Field deployment
  • Flexible Design & Configuration
  • Person and User management
  • Notification and Alert
  • Reference CPU model: Intel® Xeon® 4310T, Xeon® E-2286M, Core™ i7-10710U, Core™ i7-9850H, Core™ i7-9750H, Core™ i7-8559U
How airaTrack Works
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