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    New Nx Meta R4 Patch – Available Now

    by | Jun 13, 2022

    Nx Meta R4 Patch is now available.

    And you can download it now at

    Nx Meta’s newest patch, Meta R4, is here! This Nx Meta patch is a third preview and sneak peek of the changes coming in the next major release (v5.0). The Meta R4 patch – Meta R4 – was built with a focus on enhanced Analytic plugin development, interface functionality, and a remodeled Rest API. 

    What's new in the Nx Meta R4 patch?

    With Meta R4, developers can expect a lot of “new”, including:

    • a completely new Rest API
    • new taxonomy for object detection
    • new Advanced Search Object filter options
    • new “Analytics Object Detected” Event in Rules Engine
    • new example analytics sub-plugins. 

    Read on to learn more.

    New in Meta R4 - A remodeled Rest API for Powered by Nx Products.

    Nx Meta R4 has a completely new Rest API that has been built based on the widely-used Open API standard for open collaboration among developers.

    The updated API documentation is now split into 2 sections – the latest current API (new CRUD-based REST conformant API) and a legacy / deprecated API (v4.2 or earlier). 

    More information regarding each section can be found in the new preamble of the API Documentation page. 

    The new Rest API (available in Nx Meta now and in the next major release of Powered by Nx products / Nx Witness VMS) includes:

    • Brand new API documentation and a revamped API test / call generation testing tool
    • A revamped API structure to make it easier-than-ever to use and search
    • A more secure API with new session-based authentication

    New in Meta R4 - an updated Metadata SDK

    On the Metadata SDK side of things, Meta R4 brings about 4 new improvements: 

    Advanced Search for Objects

    A new Advanced Search Window interface has been added in Desktop Client for enhanced Analytics Object search. The new interface allows for the easy search of objects filtered by selected attributes and object types from the updated Object Detection Taxonomy (see below).

    Taxonomy for Object Detection

    Object Detection Taxonomy has been updated with new methods of declaring object types and attributes with the ability to override basic types or create new object types. 

    Analytics Object Detected Event

    A new “Analytics Object Detected” Event has been introduced to the Rules Engine. The new addition extends system automation capabilities, giving developers the ability to refine object detection based on specific object types and attributes (i.e. Mask, Glasses, etc) and configure system reactions to the detection of those specific object types and attributes in supporting cameras. 

    Analytics Sub-Plugins

    New analytics sub-plugins are now available as part of the Metadata SDK. Originally demonstrated in the `object_detection` sub-plugin, the below plugins have been broken down into multiple sub-plugins to demonstrate specific analytics features and how to develop them. 

    • Best Shots accommodates all variants of Object Best Shot generation. 
    • Custom Metadata demonstrates using Camera-generated Custom Metadata.
    • Events illustrates sending events from the plugin.
    • Motion Metadata demonstrates using Motion information to reduce the load on the Analytics subsystem.
    • Object Actions demonstrates handling User-triggered context actions for Analytics Objects (e.g., adding object description or adding a person name to the database).
    • Object Detection demonstrates life-like scenarios of generating Analytics Objects based on the Base Library of Object Types.
    • Object Streamer generates Objects based on a JSON program supplied in the Engine settings.
    • Plugin Diagnostic Event demonstrates sending diagnostic events from the plugin.
    • ROI: illustrates creating Regions of Interests
    • SDK Features demonstrates various SDK features.
    • Settings shows how to use plugin settings interfaces.
    • Taxonomy Features is an example plugin for demonstrating features of the Analytics Taxonomy.
    • Video Frames demonstrates the reception of video frames.

    New Object Types for Overlays and Telemetry/Tracker Data

    New object types have been added for implementing Overlay objects (liveOnly) and Trackers/Telemetry (nonIndexable).

    • liveOnly – shown only in live and not saved in the archive, used for “captioning” live feed with object info on the right side of the video. 
    • nonIndexable object types – not saved to analytics DB,  do not appear in search results, but they are present on the video (live and archive).

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