Sequrinet AI Analytics Works with Nx

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Sequrinet AI Analytics Works with Nx


Categories: Video Analytics

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.0, Nx Witness 4.1

Integrated with Nx: ONVIF, Server API

About Sequrinet

The Sequrinet AI Box is an embedded AI analytics appliance with a proprietary deep learning based AI engine. AI Box is the World 1st qualified & certified KISA (Korean Internet Security Association) AI solution.

– Deep learning based AI Engine and Analytics Rule Engine
– Various AI Video Analytics Package
– Can be used for Surveillance, Business Intelligence, Access Control, Loss Prevention, etc
– Compatiable existing Onvif based VMS, NVR/DVR, Alarm monitoring system
– Easy integration with annotated video stream
– Easy integration with various APIs and Protocols (ONVIF, REST, E-mail, TCP, RS485)
– HTML5 Web based Configuration(No Plugin)

Available AI Engines:

Deep learning based Object Detection & Classification
– Human, Car, Bike and other objects (License)
– Multi-object tracking
– Face Recognition
– License Plate recognition
– Intrusion, Presence, Loitering, Enter/Exit, Line Crossing, Stopping, Direction, Tailgating
– Object Counting(Line, Zone, Queue(Presence), Event Counting

Special camera support
– Thermal (Human only, License)
– Fisheye (Human only, License)

Multiple rules can be applied to single channel simultaneously based on different use cases. With dedicated setup page in Sequrinet for Nx Witness, it is easy to setup different AI engines, tag them with different rules (i.e. line crossing, virtual area, counting…etc) and communicate with Nx Witness system via generic events.


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