CyberLink Face Recognition Works with Nx

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CyberLink Face Recognition Works with Nx



Categories: Access Control, Event Detection, Face Recognition, Video Analytics

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.2. 4.1

Integrated with Nx: Server API

How CyberLink FaceMe Works with Nx

Designed for smart surveillance, FaceMe Security is a value-added software that runs on PC, workstations, servers, and VMS (video management systems). It can detect individual faces within a crowd and match them with a database profile, even if they are wearing a mask.

FaceMe Security can be configured to trigger a real-time notification event to Nx Witness and other Powered by Nx products upon detecting tagged personnel, such as VIP, black-listed person, or employee entering monitored area.



Cyberlink FaceMe is integrated with Powered by Nx products via the Nx Server API. After analyzing video streams recorded in Nx Witness, FaceMe sends detected and categorized faces to Nx Witness as a FaceMe Event with its associated metadata tags (i.e. Group, Tag, Mask Status, Name).

System alerts and responses to FaceMe Events can be customized in the Nx Rules Engine.  

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