Anyvision AI Video Analytics Works with Nx

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Anyvision AI Video Analytics Works with Nx



 Categories: Video Analytics

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 3.2, Nx Witness 4.0, Nx Witness 4.1

Integrated with Nx: Server API

About Anyvision AI Video Analytics

Anyvision AI Video Analytics platform is a camera-agnostic, deep-learning powered video analytics platform that runs on most hardware, is plug-and-play, and GDPR compliant.

Anyvision’s Better Tomorrow is a state of the art platform that enables one-to-many recognition on-demand. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, we are ready to meet your needs.The Better Tomorrow platform can also be leveraged for commercial purposes. Our platform can generate powerful insights about your customers opening new business verticals and sources of revenue to your company

Features include:
– Person of Interest
– Heat Mapping
– Object Recognition
– Human Recognition
– Multi-Factor Invariant

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