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    Remark Edge-Based AI Works with Nx

    by | Jul 8, 2022

    Remark Edge-Base AI Works with Nx

    Remark develops technical solutions that utilize the power of AI technology to solve real-world problems and help businesses and communities improve their operational efficiency.

    Categories: Video Analytics, Event Detection, Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Object Detection

    Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 5.0

    Integrated with Nx: Server API

    How Remark Edge-Based AI Works with Nx


    Remark AI Safety Space Platform (SSP) is integrated with Powered by Nx products via the Nx Server API. Once configured, SSP is able to pull video streams from cameras in the Nx System for analysis by a dedicated Remark AI Edge platform installed in the same local network as the system and the IP cameras.

    The Edge platform will perform real-time video analytics, and the processing results are then sent back to the SSP system as metadata and alert events. Users can designate certain events captured by the SSP server – i.e. the recognized person is not authorized, not wearing a mask, or part of a watchlist – to trigger an Alert Alarm. In such a case, the alert is issued to the Nx System where a notification is produced that details the detected event and the time when the event was captured.   


    Remark Edge-Based AI Capabilities

    • Remark AI Safety Space Platform (SSP) is an edge-based AIoT platform that performs real-time face, pedestrian, vehicle, and object analytics on existing security cameras with low deployment requirements.

    SSP analytics features include:

    1. Face Recognition
      • Facial ID matching and alert on a watchlist
      • Face similarity search
      • On-duty check-in
      • Face attribute search by demographic attribute and mask presence

    2. Pedestrian Detection
      • Intrusion
      • Exit
      • Crowds
      • In/Out flow
      • Pedestrian attribute search by demographic, attire style, attire color, personal protective equipment presence and attributes

    3. Abnormal Behavior
      • Loitering
      • Falling Down
      • Fighting
      • Fare Avoidance

    4. Vehicle Detection
      • Vehicle intrusion
      • Parking
      • Vehicle exiting
      • Reverse direction / traffic flow
      • Vehicle plate number recognition and search.

    5. Object Detection
      • Unattended object detection with linking to last contacted pedestrian/vehicle
      • Smoke and fire detection

    SSP device and event management features include:

    • Live streaming surveillance from multiple sites.
    • Event alert with map view visualization and export, alert flexible time slot, and email/SMS notification.
    • History search for various combinations of event attribute criteria to trace the target at once (similarity, wearing, number plate, etc.).
    • Dashboard to review overview analytics for areas and alerts.
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