More In-Camera Analytics Supported in Nx Witness v4.2

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Nx Witness v4.2 introduces new advanced In-Camera Analytics Support plugins for five leading IP camera manufacturers, including Bosch, Vivotek, Dahua, Hikvision, and Provision-ISR

What analytics, you ask? How about Crowd Detection. Loitering Detection. Running Detection. Missing Object Detection. People Counting. Intrusion Detection. These are just a few of the new analytics features included in the Vivotek In-Camera Analytics Plugin included in Nx Witness v4.2.



In-Camera Analytics plugins allow Nx Witness to bring in objects that are detected with associated metadata tags and store that metadata next to the associated video in Nx Witness. The plugins included in Nx Witness v4.2 make it easy for customers to choose cameras from leading IP camera manufacturers, but keep a consistent user experience in the Nx Witness interface.

In-Camera Analytics Plugins also allow users to capture and view object metadata/events and use them to create automations in the Nx Witness Rules Engine.  In-Camera Analytics Plugins are just one more way in which Network Optix continues to standardize the way that Nx Witness interacts with AI-powered in-camera video analytics.

And as IP camera manufacturers continue to innovate and add video analytics and AI-enabled computer vision applications to their hardware Nx will continue to expand the capabilities of Nx Witness to utilize the metadata generated to make it possible to capture and use this valuable, actionable video generated business intelligence.

So what are the new hardware plugins and what features do they support?

For a full list of the latest In-Camera Analytics options supported in Nx Witness v4.2 check out this article on the Nx Support Portal..


Bosch (firmware 6.50 or newer)

Dahua (firmware 2.622.0000000.31.R)

Hikvision (ISAPI version 2.6)

Provision-ISR (firmware version 5.0 or newer)

Vivotek (Smart VCA API version 1.4 of 2020-05-13)

Create Rules in the Rules Engine

yes yes yes yes yes

Control / Configure Analytics in Nx Desktop

not yet not yet not yet not yet yes

Supported Analytics

  • Excessive Brightness
  • IVA: Intrusion (one field). Object in Field
  • IVA: Intrusion (two fields). Left to Right
  • IVA: Intrusion (two fields). Right to Left
  • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Dropped Object
  • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Pedestrian
  • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Slow Vehicle
  • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Stopped Vehicle
  • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Wrong-Way
  • Insufficient Brightness
  • MOTION+: Detect any Motion
  • Motion Detection
  • Object Detection
  • Scene Change
  • Face Detection
  • Alarm Detection
  • Storage Absence Detection
  • Storage Failure Detection
  • Storage Low Space Detection
  • Video Blind Detection
  • Scene Change Detection (Video Abnormal Detection)
  • Audio Anomaly Detection (Audio Input Abnormal Detection)
  • Login Error Detection
  • Loitering Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Group Detection
  • Video Loss Detection
  • Rapid Move Detection
  • Parking Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Virtual Line Crossing
  • Entering the Area
  • Exiting the Area
  • Audio Exception
  • Tampering Detection
  • Defocusing Detection
  • Motion Detection
  • Unattended Baggage
  • Object Removal/Attended Baggage
  • Scene Changed
  • Motion Detection
  • Perimeter Intrusion
  • Line Crossing
  • Scene Change
  • Video Blur Detection
  • Abnormal Color Detection
  • Entering Object Detection
  • Leaving Object Detection
  • Line Crossing Object Counting
  • Crowd Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Line Crossing
  • Loitering Detection
  • Missing Object
  • Running Detection
  • Unattended Object
  • Face Detection