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    Nx Meta – New Developer Tools & Resources in v4.1

    by | Jun 13, 2022

    Nx Meta v4.1 Updates

    New features, tools, and guides for developers working with Nx Meta.

    Open-Source OpenVINO Analytics Plugin

    This guide elaborates on the means and techniques of debugging plugins in development for Nx Server.

    Nx’s new OpenVINO Object Detection Analytics Plugin is an open-source plugin created for Nx Meta to demonstrate person detection and tracking.

    It is meant to be used as an example of what an Analytics Plugin integrated with Nx Meta could look like, and not for end-user purposes. It may or may not fulfill the requirements of a video management system in terms of reliability and detection quality — use at your own risk.

    Configuring Region of Interest for Event Generation

    A Region of Interest (ROI) is a frame-related setting that is used by analytics engines to mark a specific part of the video stream.

    With the release of Nx Witness 4.1, Nx Desktop users can configure a new component of 3rd party video analytics called Region of Interest (ROI). ROIs on a camera allow you to specify special regions of a video frame.

    ROIs can be used for optimizing resources for processing and analyzing video, and creating perimeters for intrusion detection by drawing lines and allowing the specification of direction. ROIs can be configured differently for each individual camera to respond to various spatial triggers.

    Guide: How to Create a Video Analytics Plugin

    The Nx Meta Dev and Support team have put together an example of how to create a video analytics Plugin for Powered by Nx products using an object detection neural network and OpenCV.

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