Network Optix 2018 Anonymous Statistics Report

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2018 Anonymous Statistics Report - A Brief Overview

Network Optix collects opt-in anonymous usage statistics from Internet-connected systems. We use this data to analyze and identify trends in order to make the best dang IP video software we can. So for all of you out there kind enough to share your usage statistics with us – this report’s for you.


Camera brands saw some reshuffling with Dahua and Bosch seeing the most upward movement and Arecont Vision seeing the largest drop from our 2017 Report. Hikvision remained #1 with the largest share of reported devices in use.

This year’s report we decided it would be interesting to take a look at where users are installing Powered-by-Nx System components – Nx Desktop, Nx Server, and Nx Mobile.

  • The Nx Server application was most often installed in Windows based devices (~68%) followed by Ubuntu Linux (18.26%!) coming in a strong second and ARM making a decent showing!
  • Nx Desktop users primarily run Windows (~85%) with Ubuntu Linux coming in a surprise second (8.65%), followed closely by Apple’s Mac OSX (6.62%)
  • Nx Mobile users prefer Android. ~62.10% of Nx Mobile users prefer Androidwhile 37.90% prefer iOS devices.
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