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432 High Resolution IP Cameras



Abu Dhabi's Hilton Capital Grand is a sleek, 281-room luxury hotel located in a bustling tourism hotspot. 

After encountering a surplus of issues with their existing video management system including poor streaming quality, data loss, a difficult to navigate user interface, and compatibility issues, management decided to pursue a new video management system.

Ultimately, management decided to implement a modern VMS (Nx Witness) equipped with extensive device support and automatic camera failover to match their security expectations.


Project Challenges

Hotel management wanted a solution that would address the following key concerns:

  • How can IP video and a VMS be used to build a modern surveillance system that adheres to ADMCC (Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Controlling Center) guidelines?
  • How can IP video and a VMS be used to ensure streaming quality, video continuity, and system reliability while also maximizing usability?

Nx Witness VMS offers a solution.

Network Optix provided a surveillance solution that addressed each concern according to the given parameters.

  • Nx Witness VMS and HD IP Cameras capture video across the facility that operators access from anywhere at any time.
  • Nx Witness VMS, being able to support 99% of the devices, allows the customer to easily migrate their existing devices to the new system.
  • Nx Witness' extensive device support gives the customer the ability to expand their system one device at a time – on-demand – with lifetime upgrades and no ongoing support fees.
  • Nx Witness' Automatic Camera Failover ensures video continuity, bringing the customer a new level of stability.
  • Nx Witness streaming power enhances video graphic quality and streaming speed.
  • Nx Desktop usability features make it simple for system operators to migrate from a more complex system to a streamlined, user-friendly, and responsive Desktop application.
  • Nx Witness is constantly tested against international security standards to meet regulations.

Technologies Used

  • HD IP Cameras



“Nx Witness is simply brilliant !! With failover built-right in we no longer have to worry about data loss. The high quality video graphics are an added bonus.”

Hilton Capital Grand
Security Director

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