Get Started with Nx Meta

Sign up for the Nx Meta Dev Portal, download Nx Meta VMP + our Free Developer tookit, and start developing your plugin / product today, for FREE.

1. Create an Account.

Sign up for a Free account at the Nx Meta Dev Portal.
  1. Head to
  2. Click on Create Account
  3. Verify your email address and sign in.

* If you have an existing cloud account for a Powered-by-Nx solution (e.g. Nx Witness VMS) you can login with your existing cloud credentials.

2. Download the Latest Release

Download the latest release of Nx Meta for your target device.
  1. Select your target OS
  2. A suggested operating system will automatically appear
  3. Download the package most relevant to you

* You’ll need to download at least one Desktop Client package and one Server package. Windows offers a Bundle (Desktop + Server). All other operating systems have separate install packages.

3. Install & Configure Nx Meta

Install Nx Meta on your target computer / device.
  1. Name your System
  2. Create your Admin account
  3. Activate Trial Licenses for Recording
  4. Autodiscover USB Webcam or IP cameras (if available)
  5. Set up connection to Nx Cloud (optional)

* If your computer has a built-in webcam Nx Meta will automatically discover it and it should appear. If you have IP cameras, make sure they are on the same subnet to be auto-discovered.

4. Access Developer Tools

The Nx Server API, Video Source SDK, and Storage SDK can be accessed from the Server Web Admin. interface.
  1. Access the Nx Server Web Page by right clicking on the Server in your Desktop client and selecting Server Web Page…
  2. In the Server Web Page interface click on the For Developers tab to access the API and SDKs.
  3. Download the Metadata SDK for the platform of your choice from the Nx Meta Dev Portal in Downloads.

* The Metadata SDK is only available, for now, in the Nx Meta Dev Portal.

5. Get Assistance / Licenses

Have questions? Get answers in the Nx Developer Forum.
  1. Check out the Nx Developer Community / Knowledge Base
  2. Ask questions / get answers directly from Nx engineers.
  3. Need extra licenses for testing? Request more here.

* The Nx Developer community is the best place to get started when you begin to develop with Nx Meta. So make sure to join us!

6. Get a Powered by Nx Proposal

After you've familiarized with yourself with Nx Meta and you're ready to move on to the business phase click the button below to request a customized proposal for your very own VSaaS solution.