NessBridge Event Automation Works with Nx

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NessBridge Event Automation Works with Nx


Categories: Security Intruder Detection & Automation

Compatible Nx Version: Nx Witness 4.0, Nx Witness 4.1

Integrated with Nx: Server API

About NessBridge

The NessBridge Software is a Bridge that communicates with M1 Security Controllers and Nx Witness, so that an event on the M1 Controller (e.g. Zone, Outputs, Light Changes, Task activations, Arm / Disarm etc) can activate an event on the Nx Witness System (e.g. Bookmark or activate Generic Events within Nx).

M1 events can also include the Voice Control function within M1 with the Automation Bridge, allowing Google Home (Hey Google), Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Apple Homekit (Siri) to activate events on Nx as commanded by your voice.

In addition, Nx Events (e.g. Soft Trigger, Motion on a Camera etc) can activate events on the M1 (e.g. Turn Lights On/Off/Dim, Activate M1 Outputs to unlock doors, Gates, etc or even Arm/Disarm the Security Area with a PIN Code).

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