v4.2 Cloud Features Enhance Powered by Nx VSaaS Capabilities

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Nx continues to build VSaaS capabilities with the v4.2 release of Nx Meta and Nx Witness VMS.

v4.2 – the latest available release for all Powered by Nx products (including Nx Witness VMS) introduces four new and exciting Nx Cloud Management features designed to give more granular control of cloud connected Powered by Nx systems – including the ability to add and manage camera, servers, users, and licenses.

The new Nx Witness Cloud features in v4.2 were designed specifically to give more control of a system’s devices, resources, and users from Nx Cloud’s browser-based interface. They’re a great addition for managed service providers, systems integrators, and end-users who manage a large number of cloud-connected Powered by Nx Systems and are part of a continual effort by Network Optix to make it easier for Powered by Nx products to offer a comprehensive video surveillance as a service feature set.

So what can you do in Nx Cloud in v4.2 that’s new? 



Manage Camera Settings

The new camera settings page in Nx Witness Cloud gives users with appropriate rights the ability to modify a camera’s orientation and audio settings, adjust Motion Detection Sensitivity, and authenticate devices easily and efficiently.



Manage Server Settings

Users with the appropriate rights can now rename Servers, change Server port settings, and restart unresponsive Servers in seconds in the Nx Witness Cloud interface.




Manage Licenses

System Owners and Administrators can now view a System’s current Licenses and activate new Licenses easily in the Nx Witness Cloud interface.




Manage Local Users

Local Users in Nx Witness only have access to a System via a local network or VLAN. This feature allows system administrators to add and delete local users, assign and re-assign user roles, and manage user login credentials all from the Nx Witness Cloud interface.


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