ICT Announces ProtegeGX Integration with Nx Witness

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New Zealand Access Control Manufacturer ICT today announced integration of Nx Witness VMS with ProtegeGX.

  • View live, historic and archived camera footage from Nx Witness in ProtegeGX
  • Embed live camera feeds from Nx Witness directly into a status page in ProtegeGX
  • Create links between doors, inputs, areas, and Nx Witness cameras in ProtegeGX
  • Bring up a live feed from Nx Witness when a specified event occurs in ProtegeGX
  • Have motion detection and camera input events appear in the ProtegeGX event log
  • Use PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) controls in ProtegeGX for integrated Nx Witness cameras
  • Send PTZ commands to Nx Witness in response to an event in ProtegeGX

“We’re excited to have ICT join the growing number of companies integrating with Nx Witness VMS. ProtegeGX is an up-and-comer in the Access Control world and integrating the two products together creates better situational awareness for ProtegeGX users as well as one more fantastic option for Access Control for Nx Witness users.”

– Tony Luce, Network Optix 
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