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What’s New in v2.6.0!

With 4 key new features, a heap of new device support, 23 feature improvements, and 38 bug fixes Nx Witness v2.6.0 is a major release focused on interoperability – including 2-way audio for Axis devices, Audio-out-as-an-Action for Axis devices, HTTP Request-as-an-Action, and Rapid Review!


Nx Witness v2.6.0 (October 5 2016)

With 4 key new features, 11 new devices, 16 smart improvements, and 31 bug fixes Nx Witness v2.6.0 is a strong release that includes many desired enterprise capabilities – including 2-way audio integrated for Axis cameras and I/O devicesHTTP Request-as-an-Action, and Rapid Review!



  • 2-way audio integrated for Axis cameras and I/O device (requires firmware 5.x) – Allows Nx Witness operators to communicate using 2-way audio in a walkie-talkie like fashion with Axis devices running firmware version 5.x or higher.
  • Audio-as-an-Action now available for Axis devices (requires firmware 5.x) – Allows Nx Witness operators to send Audio alerts over the network to Axis devices running firmware version 5.x or higher.
  • HTTP Request-as an-Action – allows operators to define HTTP GET requests as an action in the Events & Rules engine.
  • Rapid Review – allows Nx Witness users to export and compress long periods of archived video into shortened, time-lapse-like videos.


  • IPv6 support (required for publishing iOS apps)
  • FLIR AX8 and FC-series cameras integrated via ONVIF
  • Pelco NET5516 Encoder
  • Pelco Optera Series Cameras (180, 270, and 360 – no motion detection support)
  • ACTi A41, A81, E925, E924, E12a cameras
  • ACTi PTZ Dome I98
  • New Arecont Vision(G5) and new Axis cameras support
  • Arecont Vision AV2195 and AV2196
  • DWC-PF5M1TIR camera


  • ACTi Cameras advanced Integration
  • Sony SNC-EP550 audio is now supported
  • Improved PTZ for Uniview and Vivotek cameras
  • Added playback speed controls for VMAX
  • DW CPRO-manufactured cameras now use H.264-High profile
  • DW Panzilla optimizations
  • Improved default password auto-fill during auto-discovery for DW cameras
  • RTSP workflow improvement reduces glitches for cameras that experience short-time RTSP-stream frequent stops
  • Software Motion Detection stream resolution threshold increased to 1024×768. Works also for single-stream cameras
  • Storage Database management optimizations
  • Write to storage function optimizations for high bitrate cameras. Drastically decreases “HDD Slow” errors
  • Modified warnings to LDAP “Test” results to be clearer
  • Incremental expansion of Server API documentation
  • General server stability improvements based on anonymous usage and crash statistics
  • Added IR controls for Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I to the “Advanced” tab of camera settings in Desktop Client
  • Sending email via SMTP servers w/out authentication now allowed.
  • To prevent OS malfunction, system disk drive is disabled for recording if there’s more than one storage drive on Server and system disk drive is 5 times less than summary capacity of other storage drives
  • Added screenshot and video links to “Input on camera” email for recorded cameras
  • Modified warnings to LDAP “Test” results to be clearer
  • Added a possibility to use PTZ functions directly on Video Wall
  • Incremental expansion of Server API documentation
  • General server stability improvements based on anonymous usage and crash statistics


  • Inputs were not properly recognized from camera VK2-1080XVRDPTZf. Fixed.
  • ACTi V32 did not accept Analog Encoder licenses. Fixed.
  • Motion detection stopped working at DW-MV421 Onvif camera. Fixed.
  • Server used default HTTP port :80 for Axis cameras instead of parsing multicast reply. Fixed.
  • Desktop Client crashed while viewing archive recordings from some cameras with g726 coded audio. Noticed w/ Axis firmware 6.x. Fixed.
  • Cameras intermittently displayed unauthorized state after moving between servers. Fixed.
  • Video noise appeared on specific frames of DW-CP16. Fixed.
  • Server crash when advanced settings modified for DWC-PF5MTIR. Fixed.
  • Server locked after effort to restart it. Fixed.
  • Windows Error Report about Server crash might appear right after update because of improper Server restart. Fixed.
  • Server froze after “maximum archive days” option value had been decreased for any camera. Fixed.
  • Server memory leak on email notifications. Fixed.
  • If storage drive was mounted via Desktop Client first, then removed and mounted via fstab as local, it might become inaccessible. Fixed.
  • Sending emails would not work if SMTP server did not support support PLAIN. Fixed.
  • Local (not Internet connected) SMTP Server could not be used as Email Server for email notifications. Fixed.
  • Email notifications for “Device Disconnected”, “Network Issues” and “Generic Events” stopped functioning after the v2.5 update. Fixed.
  • Server could not connect to LDAP without an active Internet connection. Fixed.
  • If Desktop Client wasn’t able to connect to Server directly, web page in camera Advanced Settings dialog couldn’t be displayed. Fixed.
  • Some local video couldn’t be played in Desktop Client after the v2.5 update. Fixed.
  • Motion alarm layout notifications (green frames) were improperly displayed. Fixed.
  • Desktop Client intermittent crashes when zoom window was dragged between items. Fixed.
  • Exporting to executable in Chinese language Desktop Client failed with message about absent FFMPEG. Fixed.
  • Chinese input did not work in Desktop Client on Ubuntu. Fixed.
  • Mobile App did not allow connection if login or password contained the specific symbols like ‘@’, ‘#’ etc. Fixed.
  • System names in “Saved Connections” in Mobile App could change after connect to Server in case of specific network configuration. Fixed.
  • iOS App may not to switch its orientation to portrait/landscape mode after switching between the applications. Fixed.
  • Mobile App intermittently did not display video in 1080p. Fixed.
  • Fixed “No video” issue from camera Sony SNC-VM772R.
  • Archive playback hung on occasion if video item was switched to fullscreen mode. Fixed.
  • Couldn’t add camera manually if there was other offline device with the same IP in the Resources Tree. Fixed.
  • Canon VB-S30D lost PTZ capabilities after some time after the initialization. Fixed.
  •  Server may not delete some particular video files during archive rewriting. Fixed. Rebuild of archive index is needed after update to 2.6.0.
  • Server crashed on attempt to export video of big size via API GET /hls/.
  • Part of archive may not be played in Client if archive was located on several Servers of the System at the same time. Fixed.
  • File exported as exe from 32 bit system couldn’t be opened by double-clicking. Fixed.
  • Video Wall didn’t start on Windows startup. Fixed.
  • Thumbnails were not loaded in Mobile Client for users with capital letters in login. Fixed.


  • Sound issues with Axis devices running firmware v6.x (live video has audio, but archive does not). Planned to fix in 3.0
  • Rare server crashes caused by unstable RTSP streams from certain Hikvision devices. The issue has been identified in systems with the following Hikvision models: DS-2CD2112F-I, DS-2CD2312-I, DS-2CD2332-I, DS-2CD6412FWD-20, DS-2CD2632F-I, DS-2CD2732CD2312-I, DS-2CD2332-I, DS-2CD6412FWD-20, DS-2CD2632F-I, DS-2CD2732
  • Nx Witness v2.6 ends support for Windows XP OS, which Microsoft officially quit supporting in April of 2014.
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