Advanced Network Video Management.
Made Simple.

What is Nx Witness?

Nx Witness is an open architecture IP Video Management System built for users. 

  • Includes apps for Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, Web, and even ARM devices
  • Try it now Free for 30 days for up to 4 IP Cameras
  • Completely Free for viewing live streams
  • Per-Camera Recording Licenses w/ Free Upgrades for Life
  • Free Open API and SDKs for Developers & Integrators makes it simple to integrate anything with Nx Witness

Nx Witness System Architecture - click to view full size



Nx Witness VMS discovers and streams video from network cameras, RTSP or HTTP links, and virtually any device or media source.

Connect to and view any MEdia source

advanced viewing capabilities

  • Nx Grid User Interface
  • Universal Fisheye Camera Dewarping (180°, 360°)
  • Advanced PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Controls
  • Multi-Sensor Camera Stitching (e.g. Arecont Omni)


Nx Witness captures live streams - and their metadata - on local HDD's, Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices...even the cloud.

Record, archive, and backup.

  • Up to 128 cameras/sources on an Intel Core i3.
  • Built-in-Motion Analysis for Dual-Stream Cameras
  • Record to Local or Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Recording Scheduling
  • Adjust Quality & FPS   
  • Record-On-Motion (Motion, Motion + Low-Res Continuous)
  • Record-on-Event (e.g. doorbell, alarm input, HTTP event)
  • Storage Backup (scheduled or real-time, v2.5)

Advanced RECORDING Features

  • Automatic Camera Failover
  • Storage Analytics (predict # of days with current storage)
  • Integrate with any storage type (e.g. Coldstore, FTP sites, cloud storage) with the Nx Storage SDK .


  • 1 x Nx Pro License per recorded video stream.
    (IP Cameras, RTSP Streams, HTTP Links)


Nx Witness users can set up automatic system actions, create custom alerts, monitor system health or trigger I/O devices to control home or office automation.

System Events & Actions

  • If-This-Then-That Alarm/Events Rules Engine
  • Notifications (In-Client, Email)
  • Alarm Layout (Pop-up on Alarm, v2.5)
  • PTZ-Preset-As-An-Action
  • Record-On-Event (e.g. motion, I/O trigger, software event)

System Management FEatures

  • Health Monitoring
  • Audit Trail
  • Event Log
  • Systems Device List
  • System Backup and Restore
  • Scalability (Server Hive Architecture)
  • Integrate 3rd Party Systems with the Nx Generic Event API.


Nx Witness operators can find the right video with its built-in search capabilities - smart motion, keyword, time slice, and calendar search.


find and Review

  • Smart Motion Search
  • Keyword Search
  • Time Slice (aka Preview Search)
  • Calendar Search
  • Events Search
  • Bookmarks (v2.5)

Advanced REview Features

  • Zoom Windows
  • Flex Timeline
  • Thumbnail Previews


Users collaborate in real-time in Nx Witness with custom roles, custom layouts, video walls, and more... 

User Management

  • Unlimited System Users
  • Default or Custom User Roles
  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration

Collaboration Features

  • Drag & Drop Layout Assignment
  • Single or Multi-Video Export
  • Video Wall/Remote Monitor Control
  • Customizable Desktop Client
  • Web-based Interface
  • Mobile Apps
  • Nx Witness Grid UI
  • Built-In Screen Recording

Try Nx Witness Now. For Free.

* Record 4 IP Cameras for 30 days.