"Network Optix Takes Video Surveillance to the Next Level" - Entrepreneur Magazine.

Nx Witness v.2.4.1 -  Web. Integration. Failover Control.

Introducing Nx Witness™ v2.4.1

• Generic Event API • Failover Priority
• Revamped Web Client

NX Plug & Play HArdware.

3 Devices. Pre-loaded with Nx Witness.
Easy to Design. Simple to Install. Cost-Effective.

Supported Devices & Partners

Nx Witness was built to integrated new devices quickly.
With ONVIF Profile S support and an easy-to-use SDK, Nx Witness™ has the capability to support any networked video device.

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Video Wall is a powerful, simple-to-use, scalable, remote monitor control feature built directly inside of Nx Witness.

Automatic Failover

Learn how to set up and use the Automatic Failover feature of Nx Witness (available in v2.3 and later).

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