Advanced IP Video Management.Made Simple.

Nx Witness VMS makes it easy for System Integrators to create Customer-Tailored IP Video Management solutions.

It's Built for Users.

Nx Witness was designed to be instantly usable so new users can install, configure, and begin administrating Systems with little to no training!

It Discovers 99% of IP Cameras.

Nx Witness auto-discovers 99% of IP cameras out there and works with USB Webcams (v4.0), RTSP, HTTP, UDP streams, and even offline video and image files.

It's Fast. On Standard Hardware.

Nx Witness is fast, with advanced technologies like adaptive scaling and a Desktop client that can run on even low-power CPUs like the Intel Compute Stick.

It's Lightweight & Cross Platform.

Nx Witness has applications for every major OS – including Windows, Mac, Unbuntu Linux, ARM Developer boards, iOS and Android devices, and all major Browsers.

It's Extremely Dependable.

Nx Witness’s Server Hive Architecture brings with it Automatic Camera Failover so you can design your system for maximum redundancy with no single point of failure.

It Can Integrate Anything.

Nx Witness VMS comes with a suite of free developer tools that allow you to integrate anything – 3rd party video analytics, access control, fire & alarm systems and more!

It's Customizable.

Nx Witness allows users to customize their system to match their own needs – with a customizable Desktop background, infinitely customizable Layouts, and more.

It's Free to Upgrade.

Nx Witness has FREE software upgrades and no annual support fees. In some cases it’s more cost effective to buy a new Nx Witness system than to upgrade a legacy VMS.

It Saves Money

Nx Witness saves users money by reducing costs across the board. It’s easy to design, runs on low-cost hardware, and requires little-to-no maintenance during use.

Nx Witness is Built for Users.

Nx Witness was designed from the ground up with one goal in mind: To make advanced IP Video Management simple.
As a result, Nx Witness VMS was primarily built for instant usability and requires little to no training for Operators to use at an advanced level.

  • The Nx Witness UX team follows modern design principles (e.g. Material Design) and considers each new feature before implementing to produce the best combination of User Interface and User Experience design possible.
  • One of the most common pieces of feedback we hear is “Nx Witness does everything exactly like I think it should.
  • Nx Witness has installation wizards for Windows and Mac devices – and simple instructions for Ubuntu Linux installs.
  • Nx Mobile applications can be downloaded directly from Google Play or iTunes store.
  • No licenses are required to install and begin using Nx Witness VMS.
  • Nx Witness is free to use for Live Streaming
  • Nx Witness licensing is simple and straightforward – 1 license is needed per IP Video device (IP Camera, I/O, Encoder) when you want to start capturing video or audio, or controlling an I/O device.
  • Nx Witness always includes 4 FREE Trial Licenses for 30 days.
  • The Nx Witness Desktop client has a simple, straightforward design – 4 panels + viewing grid – with intuitive drag & drop usability.
  • Users can create and share custom layouts in seconds – combining live video, recorded video and images, and even browser-based interfaces to create superior situational awareness.
  • Operators can even re-assign cameras by dragging and dropping from one Server to another.
  • Nx Witness Desktop client has a built-in, context-sensitive help manual to help Operators find questions to any challenges they confront.
  • Nx Witness has advanced design that solves some of IP Video’s biggest challenges.
  • Advanced PTZ controls make it easy to control PTZ cameras – even over poor network connections.
  • Universal Fisheye Dewarping in Nx Witness Desktop and Mobile applications lets you monitor a huge area with a single camera
  • Smart Search – a fast, simple way to search all or part of a captured video and get instant results.
  • Nx Witness installs and runs without the need for any prerequisite software and runs on common operating systems.

Nx Witness Discovers 99% of IP Cameras. And More.

With native integrations to the biggest IP camera brands out there and features like 2 way audio, Advanced PTZ, and In-Camera Analytics.
To see a full list of the thousands of devices Nx Witness supports check out

  • Nx Witness has native integrations to the most popular IP Camera brands out there – including Axis, Hanwha Techwin, Digital Watchdog, and Hikvision.
  • A native integration enables full camera control from the Nx Witness Desktop Client of key camera features.
  • Nx Witness supports all ONVIF Profile S IP cameras out of the box – including auto discovery and management of key camera features.
  • Trying to connect a 3rd party proprietary IP camera, DVR, NVR or other video stream? Nx Witness supports creating dual-stream RTSP, HTTP, and UDP feeds from anywhere.
  • Nx Witness also supports discovery of Webcams – built-in or USB-connected – on any computer the Nx Server application is installed upon.
  • Nx Witness supports the Axis P8221 and Advantech ADAM I/O Devices for hard-wire integration to 3rd party sensors, systems, or devices.
  • Nx Witenss supports Two-Way Audio on most IP cameras and on the Axis P8221 – allowing Operators to engage with persons remotely.
  • Need to gather footage from a body cam, wearable camera, action camera (e.g. Go Pro), drone, phone, or any other offline camera? The Nx Witness Virtual Camera Feature (available in v4.0) allows operators to import footage from any offline video source into archive to be used like any IP camera or live stream.
  • Nx Witness has a built-in browser that allows operators to interface with web-based systems, websites, and more.

Nx Witness is Fast. Really Fast.

Nx Witness VMS was engineered to be fast and responsive on off-the-shelf computers.
No special, expensive graphics cards or “enterprise” hardware required. Just OpenGL 2.1 and Intel HD Graphics.

  • Nx Witness takes minutes to install, configure, and begin using – with auto-discovery of thousands of compatible IP video capture and storage devices.
  • The Nx Server application can discover, stream, manage, and record 128 dual-streaming high definition IP cameras on a single core of a Core i3 computer.
  • The Nx Desktop application uses Adaptive Scaling and Dual-Streaming technologies to help operators snappily interact with and manage IP video devices and archived video on even low-powered CPUs.
  • Nx Witness captures and indexes video from IP cameras and related metadata / events as they are recorded.
  • The Smart Search feature of Nx Witness lets operators search a year’s worth of archived video in less than a second to find key events.
  • The Nx Witness Rules Engine allows Operators to create custom rules to automate System reactions to Events as they occur in real-time using simple If-This-Then-That logic.
  • The Nx Witness Cloud service makes it simple to connect to an unlimited number of Systems from anywhere, anytime, over any type of network..
  • HTTP Generic Events allow integrators or end-users to program 3rd party devices and systems to send Events in real-time to Nx Witness.
  • The HTTP Request-as-an-Action feature allows Nx Witness to send HTTP requests (PUT, POST, GET, DELETE) to 3rd party devices and Systems.
  • The Server REST API allows developers to integrate Nx Witness with any 3rd party interface – or even build an entirely new interface.
  • The Storage SDK allows developers to integrate non-standard or off-site storage mediums.
  • The Source SDK enables the integration of 3rd party video, I/O, or Audio devices and / or archived video.

Nx Witness is Lightweight and Cross-Platform

Nx Witness is engineered to be lightweight - with the ability to run on everything from Raspberry Pis to Enterprise computing hardware.

  • The Nx Witness Desktop Client (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu) is CPU-based (requiring no special graphics cards or GPUs to use) can display up to 64 items on the viewing grid on a 64 bit OS and 24 items on the viewing grid on a 32 bit OS. Nx Desktop requires only OpenGL 2.1 support to run.
    • Nx Desktop automatically adjusts resolution of displayed items using Adaptive Scaling technology, allowing it to run effectively on even low-powered CPUs like Atom or Celeron processors.
  • The Nx Witness Server Application (Windows, Ubuntu Linux, some ARM devices) is also CPU-based and can manage 128 high definition dual-streaming IP Cameras on a single core of a Core i3 device.
    • The Nx Witness Server application can run on just about anything – but, remember, it is only as stable as the hardware it depends on!
  • Nx Witness Desktop and Server applications are supported on all modern versions of Windows OS, including:
    • Windows 7 (July 2009)
    • Windows 8.1 (October 2013)
    • Windows 10 Home (July 2015)
    • Windows 10 Pro (July 2015)
    • Windows 10 Enterprise (July 2015)
    • Windows Server 2008 (February 2008)
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 (July 2009)
    • Windows Server 2012 (August 2012)
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 (October 2013)
    • Windows Server 2016 (October 2016)
  • Nx Witness Desktop is available for Mac OS users and is supported on all modern versions of Mac OS including:
    • OSX 10.11: “El Capitan” (October 2015)
    • OSX 10.12: “Sierra” (September 2016)
    • OSX 10.13: “High Sierra” (September 2017)
    • OSX 10.14 “Mojave” (September 2018)
  • Nx Witness Desktop and Server applications are supported on all modern versions of Ubuntu Linux including:
    • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: “Xenial Xerus” (April 2016)
    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: “Bionic Beaver” (April 2018)
  • Both the Nx Witness Desktop and Server applications can be customized to run on ARM devices.
  • Nx Witness has out-of-the box Server installers for the Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, and NVIDIA Jetson developer boards.
  • Have a custom ARM device you’d like to run Nx Witness? Contact our support team for more info.

Nx Witness is Extremely Dependable.

Nx Witness has a unique Server-Hive Architecture where every Server is equal and they all synchronize system configuration and user data in real-time. This allows users and integrators to design and implement systems to the Nth level of redundancy, with FREE Automatic Camera Failover built right in.

  • Nx Witness has a unique Server Hive Architecture.
  • Every Nx Witness Server in a System synchronizes configuration and user data in real-time.
  • Every Nx Witness Server can act as a Failover device for any other Nx Witness Server – so you can design your Nx Witness System to be as redundant as you like.
  • Nx Witness has built-in Health Monitoring for all connected devices.
  • Nx Witness has real-time Server Health Monitoring widgets in Nx Desktop and Nx Web Admin interfaces that show real-time CPU, Network, and RAM usage.
  • Nx Witness monitors network stability and has a suite of built-in tools to help you rectify any issue.
  • Get emails or notifications when a device goes offline or when networks become unstable.
  • Nx Witness makes it easy to design and deploy a VMS that works across any type of network – wired or wireless, private or public – with Adaptive Scaling technology that optimizes network and CPU usage.
  • Nx Witness communications have been consolidated into a single configurable port – typically 7001 – simplifying management for network administrators.
  • Nx Witness has Advanced Routing settings that allow network administrators optimize how Nx Witness runs on their network.
  • Nx Witness automatically recognizes available storage (HDDs, SSDs, SD Cards) on hardware running the Nx Server application.
  • Nx Witness writes equally to hard drives based on their capacity, optimizing storage usage.
  • Nx Witness supports adding SAMBA NAS devices (with / without authentication).
  • Nx Witness supports Scheduled or Real-Time Backup of recorded video – you can even record to two locations at the same time!
  • Nx Witness includes Storage Analytics and Forecasting.
  • Nx Witness automatically optimizes camera streams and profiles (optional setting) when discovering new devices to get the lowest possible bit-rate with the highest possible image quality.
  • Nx Witness alerts operators when devices are detected dropping frames or with unstable network connections.
  • Nx Cloud Connect – connect your Systems to Nx Cloud to login from anywhere or to manage an unlimited number of cloud-connected Systems and users.
  • Nx Cloud Data Proxy – Nx Cloud always tries to initiate a direct NAT connection between your Desktop / Mobile / Browser client and a System. When it can’t, it proxies data and streams via Nx Cloud, ensuring a good connection, every time.
  • Nx Witness has a built-in conext-sensitive help manual in the Nx Desktop Client.
  • Nx Witness has an online support portal for Resellers and Users.
  • Nx Witness has an online community for Resellers / Users / Developers to engage with other Nx Witness users to trade best practices / get answers to issues.

Nx Witness can integrate with any device or system.

Nx Witness Developer Tools - a REST Server API, the Metadata SDK, Storage SDK, and Video Source SDK - allow developers to combine Nx Witness with with 3rd party products to create a unique turnkey intelligent video solution.

  • A full featured REST API that allows users to integrate 3rd party systems and devices with Nx Witness using authenticated HTTP API calls.
  • Check out the Server API now (username:, password: NxDemoUser)
  • The Video Source SDK provides the ability to integrate virtually any live or recorded video source (IP Cameras, NVRs, DVRs, etc) into a System. With the Video Source SDK developers can create methods for discovering, displaying, analyzing and recording video. It also allows integrating device I/O ports and motion detection information.
  • Download the Video Source SDK now (username:, password: NxDemoUser)
  • The Storage SDK allows developers to read from or write to any storage location: local, remote, or even the Cloud. Creating a storage plugin requires implementing standard functions such as: I/O stream, if file exist, delete file, list of files in the folder, etc.Storage SDK also contains an example for using an FTP server as a storage location..
  • Download the Storage SDK now (username:, password: NxDemoUser)
  • Available now to Nx Meta VMP Early Access Program members (and in Nx Witness v4.0 coming out summer 2019) – the Metadata SDK was designed for the rapid integration of AI-powered computer vision applications focused on recognizing and tracking objects and people.
  • Get Started with Meta today to get access to the Metadata SDK.

Nx Witness is more customizable than any VMS out there.

Nx Witness comes with a suite of customization tools that allow System owners to brand their interface, create custom layouts and rules, and more.

  • Nx Witness Desktop allows System Owners to add a custom background to Nx Desktop clients in a System to reflect their own brand.
  • Nx Witness allows operators to set up custom recording schedules, including record on motion, record always, record on event, and more!
  • Nx Witness allows System Administrators to create Custom User Roles to share System Resources and Layouts and quickly create new Operators.
  • Nx Witness revolutionary flexible grid interface allows System Administrators to create and share an infinite number of custom Layouts combining any combination of System Resources – cameras, streams, offline videos and images, websites, I/O control panels, soft triggers, and more.
  • Nx Witness Rules Engine allows operators to use System Events and Actions to create Rules for increasing operator system awareness.
  • Every install of Nx Server application includes Developer Tools – with the Server API, Storage SDK, Source SDK, and API testing tools – enabling custom integrations between Nx Witness and any other 3rd party system or device.

Nx Witness is Free to upgrade, with no annual support fees.

Nx Witness licenses are one-time purchases, with free upgrades forever. No support fees. No annual upgrade licenses. Just awesome.

  • Nx Witness licenses are a one-time cost – with no ongoing annual maintenance fees for support or upgrades.
  • Every year Nx Witness has 1-3 major updates – and Nx Witness users get them all, free of charge.
  • Each new release addresses key feature requests and known issues.
  • Evolving Nx Witness rapidly is a key concept at Nx – with each new release (and there have been many) new features are introduced to keep Nx Witness up-to-date with the latest technologies and user trends.
  • The Nx Help Center and Support Portal is an online knowledge base and help center designed to help customers rapidly find answers to their questions.
  • Users and Integrators can also participate in our Community Forum to exchange ideas, integrations, and best practices.

Nx Witness saves money, with unmatched ROI.

Nx Witness saves money across the board - with the ability to run on cost effective hardware, reduced man hours for set up, no need for training, and more.

  • Nx Witness was engineered to be lightweight and suitable for commodity computing hardware – reducing the need for expensive “enterprise” hardware components and reducing the cost of implementing a professional IP Video Management System.
  • Nx Witness has advanced CPU, network, and storage management technologies that reduce the hardware footprint necessary to implement a professional IP Video Management System and saves money both in the short term (initial hardware investment) and long-term (reduced network and CPU usage leads to longer hardware life and increased MTBF).
  • Nx Witness licenses are one-time purchases with free upgrades and ongoing support.
  • Avoid unnecessary annual support expenses and invest in upgrading your hardware infrastructure or add custom integrations to make your solution unique and ideal to solve your own unique challenges.