The fastest way to start a VSaaS Business.

Rapidly build a powerful private labeled IP Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution for your customers and your market with Network Optix.

Why build a Powered by Nx VSaaS product?

Powered by Nx VSaaS solutions share components and UX but target different markets with custom hardware and software integrations.

Build a video product that generates value for your company AND your customers.

In today’s world video combined with AI-enabled computer vision applications capable of recognizing and tracking objects (people, faces, vehicles and more) is revolutionizing how companies detect threats and analyze their business processes.

Video is no longer about reviewing events that have happened in the past – it’s about real-time analysis of people, vehicles, objects, and their behaviors.

The Network Optix software stack – with Cloud, Desktop, Server, and Mobile applications – makes it easy to rapidly create a VSaaS solution for any market or application so you can generate recurring revenue while your customers can capture value from their video.

Match Your Brand

Customize your VSaaS solution with your logo / colors to match your brand and business.

An Evolving Platform

Powered by Nx VSaaS solutions evolve with every release in order to keep your solution competitive .

Multi Platform Support

With support for all major operating systems Powered by Nx solutions work with most compute hardware.

Integrations Ecosystem

Choose from a suite of integrations that match your business needs to create the perfect VSaaS product.

Professional Support

Get direct support from the software engineers developing the Powered by Nx VSaaS platform.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Not everyone wants to follow the same pricing structure. We get that. That's why we offer custom pricing.

What type of VSaaS solution can you build?

Retail Analytics

Capture and analyze shopper behavior with integrated dashboards to provide insight into your customers.

Security as a Service

Combine video with access control and alarm devices for remote monitoring and create a recurring revenue service.

Data Center Monitoring

Integrate video with temperature and moisture sensors to prevent outages for data centers and cloud operations.

Health & Safety

Create a solution that uses AI to detect falls, helmets, safety gear, and more in order to monitor workplace safety.

Safe City Platforms

Integrate IP cameras and 3rd party systems into one unified solution so that you can keep an eye on an entire city.

Traffic Management

Combine  video with AI traffic analytics solutions for advanced monitoring of vehicles, pedestrians, and more.

Powered by Nx Product Examples

Combine your Powered by Nx VSaaS solution with Access Control, Computer Vision applications, and more to create a custom product.

Nx Witness VSaaS

Nx Witness VMS

Nx Witness is a Powered-by-Nx product sold through a global channel of surveillance distributors and Systems integrators.

Industry Focus: IP Video Surveillance
Geographic Availability: APAC, EMEAI, Oceania
Learn More: Nx Witness Website
Senturian Matrix VSaaS

Senturian Matrix

Matrix is a Powered by Nx video product that combines advanced AI-powered Analytics with IP video for security surveillance applications.

Industry Focus: IP Video Surveillance
Geographic Availability: Mainland China
Learn More: Senturian Website

Learn more about Nx Meta. The IP Video development platform.

Nx Meta is the video development platform used to create Powered by Nx products.

4 Simple Steps to Building a VSaaS Solution with Nx.

Step 1 - Check out Nx Meta

  • Sign up at the Nx Meta Dev Portal.
  • Download Nx Meta for your OS / development environment.
  • Install Nx Meta and get familiar with the interface and to access the Server API and SDKs. The metadata SDK can be downloaded separately as needed.

Step 2 - Integrate your Tech

  • Test Nx Meta with your camera, server, and IoT devices.
  • Create custom integrations to your existing hardware and software.
  • Add additional capabilities via existing integrations in the Works with Nx ecosystem.

Step 3 - Business & Branding

  • Work with our Business Development professionals to create a custom recurring pricing model that matches your go-to-market strategy.
  • Work with our build team to import your branding (colors, logos) and name your product in preparation for launch. 

Step 4 - Launch & Get Support

  • Get all new features developed as part of each release – new devices, new capabilities and ongoing fixes and improvements.
  • Receive support directly from the Nx engineering, support, and marketing teams with regular knowledge base updates, monthly patches, and more.

Ready to start building your VSaaS solution?

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