What makes a product Powered-by-Nx?

Any product developed with Nx Meta VMP - like Nx Witness VMS or Xccelo Xstream (Access Control + Intelligent IP Video) - is a Powered-by-Nx product.


Key Technologies

Nx Meta VMP + A REST Server API, the Metadata SDK, the Video Source SDK, and the Storage SDK.


Powered-by-Nx Products

There are 20+ Powered-by-Nx products being sold and supported around the world today.


Integrated Manufacturers

Powered-by-Nx products work with hundreds of 3rd party hardware and software solutions.

4 Steps to Build a Powered-by-Nx Product.

Get Nx Meta VMP, integrate your tech, figure out the business aspects, and launch your own Powered-by-Nx product.

1 - Get Nx Meta VMP

Your team downloads, installs, and begins working with Nx Meta VMP and the Meta Dev Tools.

2 - Add Your Tech

Next step – your developers can rapidly integrate your company’s own technologies with Nx Meta VMP.

3 - Business & Branding

Your business team will work with ours to create a unique licensing and brand for your product.

4 - Launch Your Product

You decide when your product is ready for prime time w/ Nx supporting you behind-the-curtain.

A Few Examples of Powered-by-Nx Products

Nx Witness

Nx Witness is Network Optix’ own Powered-by-Nx product and includes all capabilities of Nx Meta VMP.

Industry Focus: IP Video Surveillance
Geographic Availability: Global
Learn More: Nx Witness Website

Senturian Matrix combined with Senturian Neurolytics – an AI-powered IP video product for the China market.

Industry Focus: IP Video Surveillance
Geographic Availability: China
Learn More: Senturian Website

Xstrream – an AI-powered IP video product that integrates seamlessly with Xccelo’s Xpass access control products.

Industry Focus: Integrated Security
Geographic Availability: Europe
Learn More: Xccelo Website

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