Nx Witness™ v5.1

Nx Witness VMS v5.1 is an iterative release with a few key new enterprise–focused features.

Nx Witness™ v5.1 Overview

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Key Features of v5.1

Cross-System Layouts (aka Cloud Layouts) • Camera Replacement • Nx Cloud Dark Mode • Export Video from Cloud • Bookmarks • Remote Log Retrieval • New Device Support • Client Javascript API • General Improvement



Cross-System Layouts

Cross-System Layouts (aka Cloud Layouts)

Operators with rights to multiple Systems can now combine cameras from Cloud-connected Systems into a single Layout.

Nx Cloud Dark Mode

Nx Cloud Dark Mode

A new display customization feature, Nx Cloud Dark Theme gives operators three theme options to choose from: Dark, Light, and Use device theme.

Camera Replacement-1

Camera Replacement

A simple, straightforward way System Owners or Administrators can replace an IP camera with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Export Video from Cloud

Export Video from Cloud

Export Video from Cloud allows operators to export video snippets directly from the View tab on Nx Cloud in .mkv format.

Improvements in Nx Witness™ v5.1



Added a possibility to choose the specific ONVIF profile for cameras (the “Expert” tab). The ONVIF profile list is determined ONLY when adding the camera to the server. If reconfigure ONVIF profiles afterwards (on the camera itself), they will not be reflected in the Desktop Client.
Min/Max archive retention period is in minutes, hours and days now.
Server connections to/disconnections from the Cloud are now logged in the Audit Trail.
Showreels no longer display a title bar on top with the camera name.
Added support for MPEG4 RTSP video streams.
Specific ports for viewing a Camera web page can be redefined on the “Expert” tab in Camera settings.
The "Do HTTP request" action now supports PATCH requests again (this was possible in 4.2, but due to API upgrade was not implemented in 5.0).
Motion DB was moved from the system storage to the archive storage.
Added a power management setting that allows computers to sleep while the Desktop Client is still open.
Scheduled database backup has been disabled by default on ARM devices.
Bookmarks and object attributes could be found only if a text matched the one from the beginning of the word. Now search can be performed by a text in the middle of the string (3 symbols minimum).
The "Use source camera" option is added to all camera-related actions.
The sound duration for the “Play Sound” and “Repeat Sound” actions was increased from 10 to 30 seconds.
The maximum value for LogicalID is set to 999999.