Nx Witness v4.0 is now available.

Nx Witness VMS v4.0 – with 18 new key features and dozens of improvements – is stronger and more full-featured than ever before. And it’s available now.

New Features in 4.0

With 18 new key features Nx Witness v4.0 is more powerful than ever.

C2P Integration

Nx Witness v4.0 includes integration with C2P (Convergence to Pixels) – an Open Platform Integration Framework enabling dozens of integrations with 3rd party systems.

Cloud System Merge

System Owners can now merge Systems together in the Nx Cloud interface.

Custom Watermark over Video

Administrators can add Operator Names to live, recorded, and exported video as an option to prevent / discover leaked video.

Dual RTSP / UDP / HTTP Streams

Administrators can now create dual-streaming “cameras” using RTSP / HTTP / UDP to enable adaptive scaling in Nx Witness clients.

Encrypted Connections

Administrators can now require all connections in a System to utilize HTTPS with SSL/TLS encryption.

Encrypted Video

Administrators can now encrypt video between Servers and Nx Desktop / Mobile / Web clients.

Failover on Storage Failure

Automatic Camera Failover will now be activated when all storage on a Server has failed.

H.265 Support for ONVIF Cameras

H.265 support has been extended to include all ONVIF-compliant devices.

Launch Desktop Client with CLI

The Desktop client can now be launched using the Command Line Interface.

Metadata SDK

Enables seamless,  semantic integrations between Nx Witness VMS and 3rd party AI-powered video analytics like VisionLabs.

Minimum Layout Grid

Users have the option to set a minimum Viewing Grid size (initial number of Viewing Grid items) in Layout Settings dialog.

Notifications Panel Revamp

The Notifications Panel has been extended to allow operators to quickly view and search video using Notification, Motion, Bookmarks, Events, and detected Objects.

Open Layout as an Action

Administrators can now create Rules in the Rules Engine to open any user-defined Layout as an action for roles or specific users.


Plugins allow seamless integration between Nx Witness VMS and 3rd party Systems, pulling in object data and associated bounding boxes, paths, and metadata tags.

Secure Export

Users with Export rights can now password protect exported videos using .exe or .nov formats in the Multi-Video export tab.

Staged System Updates

The upgrade process has been optimized to be more dependable and give System Administrators more control over when and how they upgrade System Servers.

Virtual Camera

Users can create a virtual camera and import offline video from wearable cameras, phones, and other devices to archive which can then be viewed by other System users like a regular IP camera / video stream.

Webcam Support

USB Webcams, Laptop Cameras, and even the Raspberry Pi camera module will all now be auto-discovered and can be recorded and streamed.

Improvements in 4.0

Improved System scalability, Video Wall updates, Rules Engine updates, and new device support.

The maximum number of recommended servers, resources, and users in a single System has been increased significantly.
  • Maximum Recommended Servers in a System:100 
  • Maximum Recommended Resources (Cameras, NVR Channels, I/O Modules) in a System: 10,000 
  • Maximum Recommended total amount of Users in a System: 1,000

* If approaching Maximum recommended System size please consult with Support for scalability planning. The maximums outlined are based on lab testing results and could vary significantly based on the project’s real-world environment.

Add Backgrounds
  • It is now possible to add backgrounds to layouts on Video Wall screen.
Disable Timeline
  • It is now possible to enable/disable the Timeline on Video Wall.
New Actions and Events in the Nx Witness Rules Engine
  • Set to Full Screen and Exit Full Screen actions added to Event Rules engine allowing video items to be displayed in full screen mode based on events.
  • Omit Logging added to Generic Event. When checked, a Generic Event will not be added to the event log. This allows operators to program display values as a text overlay from Generic Events without making database calls.
  • Storage Failure has been renamed to Storage Issue in the event log/rules.
  • Added Pre-recording option to Device Recording action.
  • Added System is Updated event logging to the Audit trail when system is….updated.
  • Do HTTP Request action now supports HTTPS urls.
  • Added a new event System time was tuned at Server. Event shows only if server time was changed for more than 5 seconds after synchronization.
  • Added Plugin Event – Plugins can generate events which can be used to create Rules in the Rules Engine.
  • Added notification if all servers in the system are not connected to the Internet and time cannot be synchronized with the Internet time.
Digital Watchdog (tested)
  • cross line people counting
  • crowd density
  • intruding people detection
  • object status changed
  • ’Video Cast detection’ also renamed to ‘Abnormal color detection’
Dahua (tested)
  • Motion detection
  • Face detection
  • Alarm detection
  • Storage absence detection
  • Storage failure detection
  • Storage low space detection
  • Video blind detection
  • Scene change detection (Video abnormal detection)
  • Audio anomaly detection (Audio input abnormal detection)
  • Login error detection
  • Automatic Local Files Refresh in Resource Panel
  • VG5-7230-EPC5
  • SD50225U-HNI, DH-SD49225T-HN, PDN6CT230HN, SD50225U-HNI
  • CP-6302, FC-644ID
  • DS-2DF8836IV-AEL, DS-2DE4A320IW-DE
  • PTZIP762X20IR
  • IPC6252SR-X22U,IPC6252SL-X33UP, IPC6322SR−X22P−C
  • UCHD-30x-VT
  • SD9365/SD9366
Standard PTZ Improvements
  • PTZ Movement controls improved for ONVIF devices.
iSAPI for Hikvision
  • PTZ support implemented via ISAPI for Hikvision cameras
  • P3707, P3709, Q3708, Q3709, Q6000, P3717, F34, FA54
  • 9W-H3-3Mxxx
  • IPC-HDBW7233X-AS-E2-0280B, IPC-PDBW8800xxx, IPC-PDBW5831P-B360, PSD81602-A360, IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M, IPC-hdbw4233x, IPC-hdbw7233x
  • DH-390
  • GV-SV48000
  • DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3, DS-2cd6d24fwd, DS-2TD2636, DS-2CD6924F*, DS-2CD6D54* and DS-2CD6D24 camera families
  • NVM3-A16
  • MA8391, MA9321
  • V24
  • VIP X1600 XFM4, VIP X1600 M4S, VIDEOJET MULTI 4000
  • CRT1200en
  • DH-XVR encoder line, DHI-NVR5832, DH-NVR4232, DH-NVR4216, DHI-NVR52a16, IPC-PDB4830-b360, IPC-hdbw13a0e, DHI-NVR5832-16p-4ks2, DH-NVR4232-4k, DH-NVR4216-8p-4k, DHI-NVR52a16-16p-4ks2, X52a3a, DH-xvr5108hs-x, DH-xvr4108hs-x, DHI-nvr4416-16p-4ks2, DH-xvr5108hs-4kl-x, DH-xvr5108hs-x, DHI-nvr4432-4ks2, DH-xvr7104he-4kl-x, DH-xvr5116he-x, DH-xvr7108e-4kl-b-x
Digital Watchdog
  • DW-ENHD16x
  • MAM-6me1012mta,
  • EV1016turbox
  • DS-6708, DS-7208HQHI-K2+, DS-8116, DS-9016, DS-6701HFI, DS-9804, DS-7732, DS-7708, DS-6708HQHI-SATA, DS-7116hqhi-k1, DS-7208hthi-k2, DS-7204hqhi, DS-6716huhi, DS-7216hqhi
  • DS-h116g
Hunt Electronics
  • HAR324-16
  • LTN8716K-HT
  • TR2116A
  • Rvi-hdr16lb-m_v.2
  • YC-r0814.
  • SNT-EP104, SNT-EP154, SNT-EX101E
  • DVR16-4500
  • DVS4101, DVS4104, EC1504-HF, NVR304-16EP, NVR308-64E, NVR308-32R-B, NVR304-32E*, NVR302-16S-P16, NVR302-08S-P8, NVR201-04U, NVR-301-08S, NVR301-081-P8, NVR201-041P
  • VS8100, VS8102
  • VLR-ENC-16
Vista CCTV
  • VIPER-HDA encoders
  • VI-M-4-1000
  • zkd408a, zkd608a, zkd408b