Nx Witness VMS

In-Camera Analytics

Use In-Camera Analytics from Axis, Hanwha, and Hikvision IP Cameras to create customer-tailored solutions in the Nx Witness Rules Engine.

Axis ACAP + VAPIX In-Camera Analytics.

Nx Witness now supports analytics built with the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) via the Axis VAPIX API.

Dahua In-Camera Analytics

Connect Dahua Wizmind or WizSense Dahua IP cameras to your Nx Witness System and automate system actions with their built-in deep learning analytics.

Hanwha Wisenet In-Camera Analytics.

Hanwha Wisenet cameras include a suite of powerful, easy-to-use video analytics features that integrate seamlessy with Nx Witness.

Hikvision Smart 2.0 In-Camera Analytics

Hikvision’s SMART 2.0 camera features enable integrators to create analytics-driven rules in Nx Witness.

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