Try Nx Witness VMS for Free for 30 days.

It's easy. It's straightforward. It takes just minutes to set up and start recording / streaming / doing awesome things with your video

How to start your Free Trial.

Install Nx Witness in your own testing environment – all you need is a laptop and a webcam.


STEP 1: Download and Install Nx Witness

Download Nx Witness for your Windows or Ubuntu Linux computer. Although you can install the Server application and Desktop application on different operating systems (like a Raspberry Pi) installing both the Server and Desktop applications on the same machine is the simplest approach if you’re new to Nx Witness.


Step 2: Set up your Server and Discover Cameras

Open Nx Desktop, find your new Server, and set up your system. Webcams and any IP cameras on the same LAN will be automatically discovered. During this steps you’ll also activate your free trial license and set up recording.


Step 3: Get Familiar with Nx Witness VMS

Try out Nx Witness VMS. Check out the Free Nx Operator Course on Youtube to explore / learn about all the features.

Have questions? Ask the Nx Witness Community!