Integrations Marketplace

The Nx Integrations Marketplace is a centralized ecosystem of products that integrate seamlessly with
Powered by Nx products like Nx Witness VMS, all available in Nx Cloud so that you can find
solutions to build and customize your IP Video system.

Find Works with Nx Integrations in Nx Cloud

The Nx Integrations Marketplace is a centralized integrations ecosystem designed to help everyone find

software and hardware products that work with Nx Witness VMS and other Powered by Nx products.





The AI is built to detect threats in real-time with extremely low bandwidth requirements.

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C2P – Point of Sale (POS)

Provides a comprehensive suite of POS loss prevention tools.

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Nirovision – Face Recognition

Identity recognition that gives superhuman insights into who is at your premises.

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Senturian Neurolytics – AI Analytics

A deep-learning driven video analytics solution for any IP camera.

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VaxOCR – LPR and OCR

An on-camera or server side OCR application for seaports and logistics.

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Zapier – Automation Made Easy

Automate the movement of information between your system and web apps.

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Integrations FAQ

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Are Integrations Free?


  • No licenses are required to add integrations to an Nx Witness VMS or Powered by Nx system.
  • Just work with our 3rd party partners to purchase their solution and follow their guidance on implementing their solution.
How can I build my own Works with Nx Integration?


  • Integrate with Nx Meta – the IP video development platform used to create Powered by Nx products – and create an integration that will work with all Powered by Nx products. 
  • Open, free developer tools like our HTTP API and Metadata SDK make creating integrations simple and straightforward.
  • Sign up for the Nx Meta Developer Portal to get started today.
How do integrations work?


  • Any 3rd party hardware or software can be integrated with Powered by Nx products using any of the free Nx Meta developer tools.
  • After a company completes an integration they can create a free listing on the Works with Nx marketplace (on My Nx for Nx Witness VMS) or Integrations Marketplace (for all Powered by Nx products).
How can add my product to the Integrations Marketplace?