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The Nx Cloud service is a key part of the Nx Meta IP Video platform and Powered by Nx VSaaS products and makes it simple to connect and manage Systems from anywhere, anytime.


The Nx  Cloud service uses a combination of cloud computing technologies – including Amazon AWS – to enable simple remote connectivity, streaming, and management of one or an unlimited number of Nx Systems.


  • Connect and Manage an Unlimited number of Systems
  • Built in Health Monitoring Dashboard
  • View Live or Recorded Video from System cameras
  • Manage Users and Rights for connected Systems
  • Proxy video streams and events via Cloud
  • Merge Systems remotely via Cloud

Key Features of Nx Cloud

The Nx Cloud service uses a combination of cloud computing technologies to enable simple
remote connectivity, streaming, and management of your Systems.



Connect from Anywhere

A revolutionary interface that allows users to create an unlimited number of customizable, shareable layouts.

Health Monitoring

Connect an unlimited number of systems to a single account for managed services or large enterprise customers.

View Cameras

View live or recorded video from any camera connected to any cloud-connected system without the need to install anything.

Manage User Access

Quickly share access to any system connected to Nx Cloud with anyone using their email address and custom user roles.

Cloud Data Proxy

Nx Cloud proxies video streams in instances where direct NAT connections to a Systems’s Servers cannot be established.

Merge Systems Remotely

Administrators can connect their Nx Systems to Nx Cloud to make merging remote sites simple.

Nx Cloud Screenshots

A few screenshots of the Nx Cloud in action.



Nx Cloud Technical Specs





  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • And More…

MAXIMUM # OF USERS: : Unlimited


SHARE: Add users to Systems using only email addresses
CUSTOM ROLES: Use to quickly assign access to multiple Systems.


SYSTEMS: View connected / available Systems tiles
VIEW: Live & Recorded video in a Cloud Client
SETTINGS: Manage System settings and Users
INFORMATION: A health monitoring dashboard showing the last 24 hours



DIRECT CONNECTIONS : Client to Server direct connections.

  • Clients (Desktop, Mobile, Web) will always attempt a direct connection using NAT Traversal / UDP hole punch technology.
  • Users can set preferred connection Server for a system. 
  • In instances where preferred server cannot be reached or has not been designated connections will be established to first available Server.

CLOUD PROXY: Connect via AWS Cloud Proxy Service


SECURE PASSWORD RECOVERY: Connect directly to Nx Servers
HTTPS: Connect via AWS Cloud Proxy Service

Other Nx Meta Components

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Nx Mobile

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Nx Server

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Nx Dev Tools

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